Lights Festival Kicks Off Holiday Season

On November 16th, Sunset Hill Farm hosted its annual Winter Lights Night event. The holiday spirit was set into motion with a plethora of beautifully creative light displays and games for the kids.

We want to make sure we keep it affordable,” said Geri Rose, Director of Communications for Porter County Parks and Recreation. “The price stays the same every year so families can come and enjoy.”

There was a great deal of fun had by all the attendees, young and old. In one of the barns, there were plenty of fun games for all the kids to enjoy. These games didn’t cease for the duration of the event.

The fun didn’t stop at just games either. A tent was set up for all kinds of activities. Families in this tent found themselves surrounded by entertaining arts & crafts. There was even cookie decorating to be done. Not only that, a red mailbox sat near the entrance of the tent.

This way, kids could beat the holiday rush and send their wish lists directly to Santa. In fact, the big jolly guy was in the back of the tent to take pictures with any children who wanted to see him.

Aside from the fantastic light display designed by the Porter County Parks, there were some exquisite light and tree displays provided by the sponsors of the event.

This event wouldn’t be possible without our great sponsors and our 100 plus volunteers,” said Rose.

As the night continued, some talented carolers walked through the park delighting everyone with their holiday songs. These cheerful singers were there to represent the Memorial Opera House located in Valpo.

Even the unfortunately timed rain couldn’t stop the holiday spirit. It did, however, alter the time for the fireworks, although the quality of the fireworks show was not hindered in any way. Everyone watched as the wonderful lights on the ground were accompanied by some equally marvelous ones in the sky.

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