Life is a Revolution: How Business is Built in Northwest Indiana

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: January 3, 2013

LifeRevolution Rotator2There is something about every place you enjoy going to –the place where you get the perfect meal, know the nicest people, get the coolest vibe, the most comfortable setting, etc.

Whatever it is, it’s a place where you feel like you fit. Sometimes they define you –or at least part of you are- or what you want to be.

Many of you know my love of coffee, comfort food, and making Blackbird Café part of your weekly routine through the Blackbird Diaries.

LifeRevolution-BWI have another series that I think will fit well into your routine. I was seated at the dark, strong and handsome table at Industrial Revolution writing my first piece when the idea for the Life is a Revolution series hit me.

When I’m here, I think about building stuff; the boldness, strength, and value of hard work; and how revolutionary our country and our industry (whatever that industry happens to be that we each work within) has always been.

We’ll tell the stories of strong people who build stuff, take risks, and the more gritty side of how all that gets accomplished.

Some characters will be named and known, whereas others will be used more as an example of the revolutionary world which all industry operates within. They may or may not be the world’s greatest people, but they will be folks that have done great things in Northwest Indiana.

Maybe it’s the steel, brick, or wood giving off vibes in Industrial Revolution that induce strong thinking. Maybe this is just a great place to pull those stories together. Either way, a new series is being built that will have an “Industrial” theme, while keeping the focus on the disruptive and revolutionary side of the business of Life here in the Region.