Legal Minute: “Breathalyzer Test”

By: Contributor Last Updated: June 8, 2010

In Harper and Rogers, Attorneys at Law new weekly video feature: “Legal Minute,” Attorneys from the office will attempt to answer the public’s most common questions about the law and legal terms.harper-rogers-logo Often times, lawyers tend to assume that everyone knows and is familiar with terms and legal applications such as: ‘implied consent,’ or ‘medical malpractice.’ Moreover, many times the general public has been misinformed by movies or television about their rights and legal procedures.

In this new weekly series, Attorneys from Harper and Rogers will spend a few moments answering some of their clients’ most basic questions about legal terms, areas of the law and their rights under certain situations. The attorneys will also try and dispel some myths or common held beliefs about the law and common legal terms.

If there is something you have always wondered about the law, such as, “What does ‘habeas corpus’ mean?” send us an email at Perhaps we will answer your question in our next ‘Legal Minute.’ Check out all of the videos on their YouTube site.

Here is the latest 'Legal Minute' on "Should I always take a breathalyzer test?"