Larson-Danielson Construction’s Facility Services Group Supports Clients and Employees

Larson-Danielson Construction’s Facility Services Group Supports Clients and Employees

In its 115 years, Larson-Danielson Construction has focused on safety, reliability, and high quality. For Larson-Danielson, this quality comes in all sizes and all scopes. 

True to this mission, in 1996 Larson-Danielson established  Facility Services Group, known within the company as FSG. 

“Larson-Danielson, who is a fairly large general contractor, years ago saw a need to serve the smaller needs of our clients and some of the smaller projects that they might have,” Wayne Hasse, director of the Facility Services Group at Larson-Danielson Construction said. 

“[FSG] works alongside the bigger projects,” Hasse said. “If the big job has some smaller needs, they'll hand that over to us.”

FSG was the contractor for the ADA kayak launch at Stone Lake in La Porte, which was completed in 2021

In addition to working alongside their colleagues, the Facility Services Group team supports additional client needs in isolation. 

According to Hasse, “[our group] will do anything from fixing a door at an office to performing a full build-out at that office.” 

As a design-build commercial contractor, Larson-Danielson Construction can support its clients with every aspect of construction and facilities management. Hasse believes that it is this level of dedication that keeps clients coming back. 

“[We might] complete a small office renovation at first,” Hasse said, “but two years later, they want a brand new addition or a brand new building. We have a lot of repeat clients because they're happy with and pleased with the final result.” 

Comprised of a small but nimble team, the FSG team has been a long-standing group within the company. Hasse and several of his colleagues have been with Larson-Danielson for over two decades. 

“[The owners] treat us with respect, and I think it's mutual,” Hasse said. “We respect the owners and the way that they have kept this business in operation since 1908.” 

Part of that respect involves relationships with both their employees and their clients. Hasse argues that part of what makes Facility Services Group stand out is their commitment to satisfaction on all ends. 

FSG worked with Gala Systems to replace the orchestra pit at Chesterton High School with a new, state-of-the-art orchestra pit and stage lift

“We work as a team to see each job come to fruition,” Hasse said. “The most rewarding thing is to see a job come to completion with everybody still happy and talking to one another and wanting to have a return job in the future.”

Hasse believes that a large reason FSG is so successful is the larger Larson-Danielson culture. 

“There is a family dynamic within the company,” Hasse said. “[Larson-Danielson] treats everyone well. They treat us with respect, and it's just a great place to work. That's why I've been here for almost three decades.” 

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