Lakeside Wealth Management and Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana Partner to Create Opportunity

By: Candace Arvin Last Updated: March 26, 2018

BGC-Lakeside-wealthAs a nonprofit organization, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana relies on the generous donation of time, talent and treasure to advance their mission. Boys & Girls Clubs are places where youth receive homework help, are mentored, make life-long friendships, perfect free-throws and learn the importance of a strong work ethic, teamwork and sportsmanship. Now serving over 10,000 children and teens regionally, corporate philanthropy plays a big role in helping the organization achieve their annual fundraising goals that help support youth take steps towards personal greatness.

President Tim Rice of Lakeside Wealth Management has experienced this first hand. Lakeside Wealth Management began helping with the Duneland Club close to ten years ago when the need for an updated Boys & Girls Club location in Chesterton arose.

Rice said, “From a business standpoint, Lakeside Wealth Management has an absolute vested interest in providing children with more opportunities. These kids are our future employees and clients; these are the people that are going to make our community a great place now and in the future. We’re fortunate to have 11 before-and-after school Kidstop sites and 10 Clubs that make amazing places for our children to go in those critical after school hours when 1 in 5 kids have no place to go, putting them at risk being adrift and unsafe. Boys & Girls Clubs focus to build the next generation of leaders absolutely makes Northwest Indiana a better place to live, work, and play.”

Corporate investment in a partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana provides more impact than other forms of sponsorship and advertising by giving each brand direct access and high visibility to business leaders, regional decision makers, 10,000+ Club member families, and a deep network of hundreds of thousands of alumni. When a brand aligns with the Clubs, they earn the trust and loyalty of current and potential customers by showing their care for the families and youth of Northwest Indiana.

Rice said, “We must ensure that the next generation of employees have the leadership and skills necessary to make them successful down the road. There’s a combination of programming, mentoring, leadership, and entrepreneurship that we teach in the Clubs that enable these kids additional opportunities outside of the school system. As business leaders and owners, it behooves us to pay it forward and to provide them with hope and opportunities to a great future.”

Rice also shared one of his favorite memories from his involvement with the Clubs.

“When we were starting the Duneland Club’s capital campaign, I gave one young girl a ‘promise card’ and promised her that we would build her a new Club. Four years later after the Club was complete, I picked up the same little girl to go to the pumpkin patch with my daughter. She got in my car and said, ‘Mr. Rice this is for you,’ and she handed me back the promise card," remembered Rice. "She never forgot that day - she had held on to the card all those years! This showed me that kids really cling to the experiences they have at the Clubs. This is one experience I will never forget.” The Clubs are not just a safe place for kids to go hang out with positive adult-mentors; it’s absolutely a place that defines and develops who they are meant to be and that’s very special.

You’re invited to join the Clubs in their mission of inspiring and enabling the youth of our communities to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. More details on Corporate Sponsorships are available online or simply email Buffy Adams, Director of Development, at to discuss how your brand and their mission can create an impactful opportunity for your company!