Lake Shore Motors Provides Customers with a Simple, Stress-Free Car Buying Experience

Lake Shore Motors Provides Customers with a Simple, Stress-Free Car Buying Experience
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: January 26, 2018

When you’re looking for a place to buy your next car, finding a dealership that is really looking out for your needs can be a challenge. That’s one reason that Lake Shore Motors in Burns Harbor has gained a reputation as a truly dependable dealership in Northwest Indiana, servicing Michigan City, Valparaiso, Chesterton, Portage, and La Porte communities.

Lake Shore Motors has a team of sales advisors, service technicians, and financing experts who are trained and focused to address each and every one of their customer's needs with the utmost respect, care, and attention to detail.

This is why Lake Shore Motors has adopted Simple Pricing, meaning that they post the best price possible on every car, so you don’t have to stress about negotiating. The non-commissioned salespeople at Lake Shore are only interested in one thing: helping you find the perfect car for you. A rarity in today’s world of car sales that puts the customer at ease and allows them to get in and out of the dealership quickly, and avoid the nightmare of a daylong stay at the dealership some have experienced.

Whether you’re looking for the new Ford F-150, Ford Fusion, or next door a Toyota Corolla or Tundra, the process is fast, easy and modelled to give the customer a simple and pleasant experience. They also maintain an onsite auto service center and sell used parts for customers in need of vehicle maintenance as well.

With experience in the community since 1986, Lake Shore Motors has proudly served the Northwest Indiana community, providing years of experience to satisfy customer needs. As a third generation family business, they believe strongly in extending that family treatment to every customer who comes through their doors.

Equipped to handle all of your vehicle needs from purchasing, to questions after purchase, and vehicle maintenance, Lake Shore Motors is the premier spot to buy the car that meets your needs with no hassle, haggling, or stress in the Region!