Kids Town Pays a Visit to Portage

Kids Town Pays a Visit to Portage
By: Sam Malkowski Last Updated: August 2, 2016

Chesterton is too small for the hearts of the Road to Life Ministry so from August 2nd through the 4th they are taking their love and their gospel out into the region. Kids Town Live is a special edition of the weekly Sunday School program the church offers its youth. Day one invited the Portage community to join in on the fun at our own Woodland Park.

The field behind the Parks and Recreation building radiated exciting dance music into the rest of the park. Bounce houses strove for new heights among the trees. Youth Pastor Elsie Fontonez could be spotted setting up a slip and slide complete with a foam producing archway.

The foam party, she said, would be their final premiere.

KidsTown2“Our mission at Road to Life Church is to help people reach and realize their full potential,” said Fontonez. “This will give [the kids] time to build relationships. We’re big on relationships, loving one another. This gives them a nice, peaceful atmosphere in which they can just have a good time.”

Much of the Church congregation’s Portage-dwellers will be visiting Kids Town Live but the event is also for the neighborhood families that have not heard of Road to Life. Parents can learn a little more about what the church has to offer while their kids get cute butterflies painted on their cheeks.

Each Sunday, Kids Town gathers the children of the congregation together for a sermon on their level. They hear about life struggles from the Bible’s perspective, and are taught skills and ideals that will help them in their own lives. The serious context is broken up by songs sung and games played. The more personal setting helps the lesson stay with each child more than a traditional classroom or nave ever could.

Kids Town Assistant Director Domm Tomlinson said, “I believe it’s very important to create a solid foundation in kids when they’re young, because when they grow up they’re less likely to get into as much chaos.”

KidsTown3Their very public event should catch the attention of local families and bring them into the doors of Road to Life Church. The vibrant slides, free refreshments, and friendly faces are the foundation for a very important message: “Hope is greater than our reality. No matter what’s going on in our life, God is bigger.”