Jibria Ali is Serving Tasty Food and Knowledge at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille

Jibria Ali is Serving Tasty Food and Knowledge at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille

Some restaurants are boring from the moment you walk in the door. In everything from the decor to the menu, many places fail to stimulate the mind and senses. There are some places, however, like Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille, that entertain, educate, and provide a great experience no matter what. To Jibria Ali, a server at Industrial Revolution, those are the reasons she loves to work there.

For the past year and a half, Ali has been serving up tasty food and some knowledge in a place she loves. Trying to always bring her best to the restaurant (and with an online review to prove what a great job she does), Ali loves to interact with people and give them a great experience.

“I am a server, but unlike other restaurants, our job is not only to make sure the guest has a good experience as far as food goes, but it’s really a show from when they walk in the door. Every week we give a different salute and I’m supposed to inform the guest about the person on the table. It’s much more than making sure they have condiments and drinks. The whole experience is a show,” said Ali.

That show, and the environment which contributes so heavily to its success, is one of the many reasons Ali enjoys her job. She also loves the interaction she gets with so many different people. Located on Route 30, the restaurant comes highly recommended, grabbing the attention of locals and those just passing through.

“My favorite thing is meeting so many different types of people, especially during the summertime when there are a lot of people travelling. We really get to show them such a unique restaurant here in Valparaiso,” said Ali.

Aside from the many strangers she gets to meet, Ali enjoys the supportive environment where she not only gets encouragement in pursuing her goals, but also gets to know the owners and her coworkers.

“I really like it here because I get to see who I’m working for. I know the owners and they know me personally by name. Sometimes when you’re working for a chain or bigger establishment you don’t get that connection from higher ups. It’s a really unique experience and that’s why I’ve stayed here so long. They really appreciate you,” said Ali.

That appreciation leads to a lot of great work from the employees. Creating an amazing experience for guests is always important. For Ali, it’s not just the adults that get to have fun when they come in, though, she spends time making sure the children get a great experience too!

“I’ve spent a lot of time at tables just talking to kids, they say the most interesting things. I encourage them to follow the train around if we aren’t too busy. I like that it’s interactive and fun,” said Ali.

Kids and adults alike can have a great experience at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille. For Ali, the supportive environment encourages her to bring her best to work each day and allows her to make sure each guest is getting an amazing experience!

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