Jen’s Day Out at Southpoint -Bikes to Baths, Auto Supply to Sweet Rides, and Round the Clock Fitness

By: Ideas in Motion Media Last Updated: April 26, 2013

One of our newest Lifers, Jenny Craig, recently took a trip down to SouthPoint in Valpo to visit with many of the businesses and see what they have to offer.

Whether you are looking for top-quality used cars, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, bath and kitchen designs, car parts, personal fitness or any other type of service and product that the many businesses there have to offer, the SouthPoint area more than likely has what you are looking for.

First stop for Jen was  the 2008 Kubota RTX 1100 4x4 diesel W/a power dump bed, air and heat, AM/FM/CD player and a 6-foot snow plow. This incredible year-round, fully tricked-out, off-road machine is only $15,995 at Wheels Unlimited.  Unfortunately, Jen forgot her purse.

Next stop for Jen was the Harley-Davidson Shop of Valparaiso where she could check out all the 2013 models; a great selection of pre-driven bikes at great prices and all the latest Harley-Davidson gear and accessories to get you looking good for the season.

Jen checked out a black leather jacket with Harley's logo emblazoned on the back in pink stitching and pink gems. She was carrying a pink Harley Purse to match! Harley has a bunch of great accessories like these available in store year-round so stop by and check them out!

Jen had a chance to check out the Harley Service Department! The Harley service including guys like Gary and Jared know their stuff and are excited to fix your bike, install any new accessories and keep it running strong all season long.

Thinking about her four-wheeled friends, Jen then visited NAPA Auto Parts and forever will have the "N-N-N-NAPA Know How, NAPA Know How" song from the commercial stuck in her head. Whether you know just what you are looking for, or need the NAPA Know How team to guide you on your way, they have an incredible selection in store as well as helpful staff yo make sense of it all.

After spending time with the cars, bikes and various auto parts, Jen decided to freshen up by testing out the new Steamist shower at SouthPoint Plumbing Supply. SPS always has some of the coolest and hottest items up in their showroom. So head over and talk to John, Stephanie, or anyone else on their team about new ideas for your bath or kitchen.

As if running around SouthPoint wasn't enough of a workout, Jen finished her day off at Anytime Fitness, checking out the Inspiration Board! Not only they gave you a 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year place to get your body in shape; the have the team and the trainers to help you achieve your goals and get fit -Anytime!