Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille Weekly Special, The “Biker” Burger: October 10th – October 16th

IR-Weekly-Special-The-Biker-BurgerThe "Biker" Burger - $12.95
A great Salute to Harley Davidson with IR's Signature Biker Burger. Topped with bacon, BBQ sauce, molten cheese and piled high with crispy red & blue tortilla strips. Served with your choice of garlic potato wedges or sweet potato fries.

William S. Harley

William Harley began working in a bicycle factory at the age of 15. He later became a mechanical engineer as well as being an avid outdoorsman enjoying fishing, hunting, and golf. Harley and his childhood friend Arthur Davidson began tinkering with gasoline engines and rigging them to their bicycles wanting to "take the work out of bicycling". In 1903 after much tinkering, he and Arthur Davidson developed the first single cylinder motorcycle inside of a 10ft X 15ft shed in the Harley family's backyard. After claiming their original cycle as "a learning experiment", they went on to invent better machines and then founded the Harley Davidson Company. Being very patriotic men, during World War 2 the company's entire production capacity was dedicated to building motorcycles solely for the military. Harley along with Davidson created a new industry, as well as a brand that developed the American Motorcycle into a worldwide icon of classic American design and a symbol of freedom. Although Harley was an avid rider of his own machines and often participated in risky endurances races, later in life he developed a passion for wildlife photography and sketching...