Incredibles 2 Proves Fun for Kids of All Ages!

Incredibles 2 Proves Fun for Kids of All Ages!
By: Rich Bachman Last Updated: June 18, 2018

Picking up immediately after the events of the first film, we see the Incredibles promptly thrust into action to defeat the villain The Underminer. Although emerging victorious, we are quickly shown that not all of mankind has come around to the idea of “Supers” being needed in today’s society. Thankfully for us, there is a wealthy telecommunications mogul named Winston Deaver that is willing to give Supers a chance to prove the importance of defending mankind. The catch? Deaver is strictly interested in the services of Elastigirl, believing that Mr. Incredible’s means of heroics prove too loud and messy. Although frustrated to be left out of the action, Mr. Incredible supports his wife and agrees to watch over their three children until she finishes her mission and returns home.

Incredibles 2 is rated PG for action sequences and some brief mild language.

Rating: 8/10

What Worked:

Pretty much everything. Fans of the original Incredibles are going to be very happy knowing that everything done well in the first movie is brought back two-fold. The Incredibles themselves are given sufficient time to ensure that each individual character gets their chance to shine. Watching Mr. Incredible struggle to adapt at home makes you feel for him while at the same time injecting many of the best comedic moments in the picture. His wife Elastigirl gets to go full “Tom Cruise” and defend our humanity while worrying about how her husband is doing at home with the kids.

Their children, Dash and Violet, are getting older, and whether they are struggling with math equations or boy problems, it is easy for any age to relate to their struggles. Later in the movie, the kids are let loose and really get to show how they have advanced in terms of mental growth, along with their individual abilities.

As good as the older kids are, the scene stealer of the entire movie is the adorable rug rat, Jack-Jack. Many of the largest crowd reactions came from Jack-Jack’s many exploits and stick with you long after the movie has ended. He is developing abilities of his own and is on the verge of becoming something truly special. A hilarious scene of Jack-Jack getting into an all-out brawl with a raccoon rummaging through the trash was a personal favorite of mine. Samuel L. Jackson has a great voice for animation and has a good supporting role as the returning character Frozone.

We also get more cool Supers that showcase their own unique abilities throughout the movie. Additional voice talents include: Catherine Keener and Sophia Bush, along with Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad fame helping to round out the stellar cast.

Visually, Pixar never disappoints, and the improved special effects look phenomenal with smooth textures and vibrant colors. One visual standout includes a cool, trippy battle between the villain Screenslaver and Elastigirl. Composer Michael Giacchino handles the sequels score and provides a very 60’s inspired James Bond-esque soundtrack similar to the first movie. Incredibles 2 basically shines across the board.

What Didn’t Work:

You definitely have to reach for issues with Incredibles 2, but there are some aspects that could have been stronger. One of my favorite parts of the original movie was the character arc and backstory of the villain Syndrome. Screenslayer, on the other hand, had potential but fell a little short in terms of overall character development. There is also a “twist” regarding Screenslayer that most grownups viewing the movie will see coming from a mile away.

Another small complaint of mine is that Incredibles 2 runs extremely linear to its predecessor. Sadly, this issue is one that has been paramount in movie sequels since before my time. All in all, these are minor complaints for a movie that is very well put together and incredibly entertaining.


It has been a long fourteen years to finally receive a sequel to the Disney classic, and it has proven worth the wait. New characters are introduced, and our favorite original characters get their chance to grow and shine. Incredibles 2 may not surpass the original; however, we can be thankful that it is worth a spot on the shelf next to the first movie. It is the rare summer blockbuster that will be adored by any age group and is the perfect movie to see with the family. Here’s to hoping we don’t need to wait another fourteen years to receive the third chapter in the series.