Ideas in Motion Media Launches Massive Redesign of Good News LIFE Sites

Ideas in Motion Media Launches Massive Redesign of Good News LIFE Sites
By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: November 9, 2015,,, and make a good thing awesome with responsive, mobile-friendly, socially engaged design that showcases original positive news, photos, and video better than ever

Ideas in Motion Media announces a massive redesign to its Northwest Indiana-based positive news websites,,, and, including a new mobile-friendly responsive web design, a beautiful and easy to navigate photo gallery layout, and an array of improvements that allow top unique content that we create to be showcased in article, video, and photo form throughout each site.

The sleeker, more flexible design also features faster page loading, brings easier access to the signature Ideas in Motion Media Photo Library, featuring more than 330,000 photos of positive events, and more accurately reflects the unique, original content being produced by the Ideas in Motion Media team on the LIFE sites.

"Now more than ever, we’re showing our best stuff and there is so much of it," said Chris Mahlmann, Founder and Publisher of Ideas in Motion Media. "Whether you’re reading, watching, listening, or sharing on your PC, tablet, phone, or laptop, this redesign just shouts ‘good’ better, and that really is our entire mission. There are great things happening every day in Northwest Indiana, by thousands of great people and organizations. Our job is to bring those stories to Life, and this design was built by our incredible crew to do just that."

"Before we launched this nobody thought it would work," Mahlmann said. "In 2009, the idea of ‘good news online’ was thought of as crazy. We are proving that, when given the choice, people also want to consume good news. We work each and every day to give people the choice between the main stream negativity and one focused solely on sharing positive stories happening in our community. This redesign is a huge asset in our mission of sharing positive news, and ultimately making a positive impact on the communities that we serve."

Aside from the technical advances, each site can now showcase the massive libraries of original content produced by Ideas in Motion Media - more than 50,000 articles and events published, 800 videos produced, and the hundreds of thousands of images of positive happenings in Northwest Indiana - that can’t be found elsewhere.

The new look makes it easier to enjoy, engage with, and spread the great memories that the company has been a part of, and brings front and center the volume of unique, original content being produced by the Ideas in Motion Media team.

"We found some new ways to make the LIFE sites better," explained Managing Editor Brett Fuller. "We’re producing a high volume of original pieces - written, video - you name it. Now those stories can become more visible, more well-read, more shared, more everything."

"This is third and largest part of a massive upgrade package we’ve released compared to just 2 months ago," explained Lead Web Developer Maureen Davey. "We just upgraded our Partner Profile package so our advertisers and partners content have been made more accessible, dynamic, and shareable, and this takes that idea and expands it to all of our stories."

"Our whole identity is built on ‘more, better, faster’," said Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader at Ideas in Motion Media. "We just revved it up a notch. LIFE just got a whole lot better."

You can access the sites by visiting,, and The positive news continues on their respective Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and email networks.