Husband, wife dental team care for the Region’s smiles with compassion

Husband, wife dental team care for the Region’s smiles with compassion
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: October 17, 2019

As the dental industry continues to grow, so, too, does the variety of options available to community members. For those who are anxious at even the thought of getting their teeth cleaned much less any other dental care, the pressure to find the right dentist also becomes significantly stronger. When Dr. Noel Liu and Dr. Nazish Jafri fell in love and decided to tackle the industry together, their only focus was on creating a patient-focused experience.

Secure Dental, the result of Liu’s and Jafri’s mutual goal, marries a high standard of care with a personalized, friendly touch. You’ll forgive that turn of phrase—it’s simply so rare to find a husband and wife dental team, let alone one that has created such a successful practice.

According to Jafri, their vision for Secure Dental all started at their first meeting at the New York University College of Dentistry.

“From the day we met, we knew that we were destined for each other, as we shared the same passion, vision and dream,” Jafri said. “We were destined to do something great for everyone that we influenced and touched.”

Jafri and Liu approached their dream with a whole-patient mindset. 

“Secure Dental is founded based on our strong passion for dentistry and for people—making the lives of our patients better through our dental services and providing a high-value proposition,” she said. “In return, we cherish the outcome that our patients express with their real-life stories on how we impacted their lives in a positive manner.” 

“It’s stories like these that have propelled our success and helped us become one of the fastest-growing dental organizations in this industry,” she said. 

Both Jafri and Liu are members of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and Diplomates of the International Dental Implant Association. Both are highly experienced and adhere to the most up-to-date dental techniques and innovations. So how do they translate that to patients who would rather avoid the dentist altogether? How did they differ from other offices on the leading edge?

“All this was possible with just one key ingredient, and that was to align ourselves with the values of our patients in the communities that we have called home,” Jafri said. “We always offer more in value than what we get in return.”

Jafri cited one of the most common occurrences in the industry as a specific example.

“Many times patients will miss their recall visit, and then the next one and the next, and soon they find out years have passed. Now they feel embarrassed to go to the dentist after such a long time, knowing they will be judged,” she said.

“But here at Secure Dental, we understand every patient’s needs as not just a number, and, instead of judging, we help them get back on track by working together as a team,” she continued. “The patient is accountable to perform their part at home and work as well as keep their appointments, and we do our part diligently when they present for treatment.”

Rather than draw attention to the white coats in the room, Jafri and Liu bring talk personably with their patients and draw them into their own care with kindness and compassion. 

“Together, we accomplish a win-win for all by making them [patients] part of the team,” Jafri said. “We discuss and involve our patients in treatment plans, and we work with our patients financially. We accept most insurance and dental plans, as we believe everyone deserves a great smile. Because our patients matter!”

But is it a challenge to work with your significant other? Jafri and Liu work so well together that the word barely registered.

“Actually, there is not much challenge, other than who gets to do what, but that really pales in comparison to what we can achieve together,” she said. “Our unique strength is teamwork to tackle this huge industry of ours.”

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