Horizon Bank Mobile App’s Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks without leaving the office

Horizon Bank Mobile App’s Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks without leaving the office

For those who handle checks regularly for work and are tired of running to and from the bank to make their deposits, Horizon Bank has a solution to streamline the check depositing process. On the Horizon Bank Mobile App, customers have the ability to deposit checks remotely using Remote Deposit Capture. After accepting the Mobile Deposit Agreement, office workers can deposit a check wherever they are, and Horizon Bank will confirm that it has received the deposit.

Over the past few years, Jennifer Caprous, Property Manager for Aspen Pines Apartment Community, has incorporated this mobile feature into her daily operations. Previously, Caprous would often go to the bank multiple times a day when collecting rent from tenants. Now, she is able to do it all without getting up from her desk, allowing her to operate more efficiently.

“If I had to write out deposit slips and take checks to the bank, I may have waited a day until I had a few more checks to make it worth my trip to the bank,” Caprous said. “I think it’s beneficial to the residents because they do watch for that check to come out. It’s a quicker response for them as well.”

When tenants did not always see their checks clear right away in the past, they would often call Caprous and inquire about the status of their check. Now that Caprous uses the Horizon Bank Mobile App to handle those payments, tenants are better able to manage their banking balances. It also allows her to communicate more efficiently with their management company, Big Rock Management.

“They handle a lot of funds in a very brief period of time. Horizon sends confirmation that my deposit has been accepted and confirmed,” Caprous said. “Then I can send that then to Big Rock Management so that they have confirmation that the deposit has been received and confirmed.”

The mobile app does allow users to print out a report of the transactions the user makes, so those who prefer to keep a physical record of their banking transactions will not have to sacrifice their paper trail for the convenience of the remote deposit feature.

The only instance where Caprous would deposit money physically is in the event that she was dealing with cash. With the Aspen Pines Apartment Community no longer accepting cash payments and many other businesses also electing to do the same, the need to go to the bank rather than depositing money through the app is diminishing.

Whether interacting with the staff at Horizon Bank in-person or remotely, Caprous noted she enjoys working with them.

“The folks at Horizon are very friendly to work with,” Caprous said. “If I ever had any issues, they’ve been very quick to respond to my questions. It’s really effortless. I don’t even have to think about it. It’s just second nature now.”

To take advantage of Horizon Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture, download the Horizon Bank Mobile App. For more information about Horizon Bank, visit https://www.horizonbank.com/.