Honesty and Integrity Define Reeder’s Auto Service Center

Honesty and Integrity Define Reeder’s Auto Service Center
By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: July 6, 2017

Portage-based Reeder’s Auto Service Center was established in 1993 as part of an expansion from a family-owned repair business started in 1962. Under the supervision of Jeff Reeder since that time, it has developed into the premier auto service facility in the area.

At Reeder’s Auto Service Center, their goal is to provide their customers with the highest quality service and products to ultimately be the #1 Auto Service Center in Northwest Indiana.

According to owner Jeff Reeder, honesty and integrity are woven right into the fabric of Reeder’s Auto.

“We believe that the success of Reeder’s Auto Service Center is due to primarily two reasons, the first being integrity and the second being honesty,” he said. “Our main goal at Reeder’s Auto Service Center is to exceed all competition by maintaining an auto repair facility with the highest reputation in ethics in Northwest Indiana.”

That’s one major way that Reeder’s Auto Service Center sets itself apart - ethics. For Reeder’s, building relationships is the direct line towards building his business.

“We believe profit making will adjust accordingly if our energies are focused on customer considerations by caring for our customers needs with the highest integrity,” Jeff said. “We feel that Reeder’s Auto Service Center has differentiated itself from the market due to the business ethics that have been implemented. While being profitable is certainly necessary and important, often the primary focus on profit rather than the customer, leads to a non-lasting relationship.”

Customers at Reeder’s will be provided with a higher degree of professionalism when services are performed by a technician who has concentrated himself primarily to specific skills. As technical as the automobile has evolved, their technicians perform at their highest abilities when properly trained and provided with the best equipment in specific areas of service.

“Our technicians and service advisers are held to the highest ethical standards possible,” Jeff said. “All technicians must sign a contract before working for Reeder’s Auto Service Center. One agreement of the contract states that if a part or service is sold and deemed unnecessary, the technician is responsible for the cost of that service.”

“I am happy to reply that this agreement has never been breached. Our staff clearly understands the zero tolerance policy for dishonesty to the customer or other staff members within our facility. The second reason is affected by hard working ethics that concentrates on providing the highest quality service by means of knowledge, skill, diligent work and the most technically advanced equipment.”

Reeder’s Auto Service Center encourages their technicians to specialize in specific areas of service because today’s automobiles are rapidly growing with technological advancements creating difficulty in maintaining reliable knowledge in specializing in all areas of auto repairs and maintenance.

These are just some of the factors that set Reeder’s Auto Service Center a part from the competition. To find out for yourself, stop in at their location at: 6436 Central Ave, Portage, IN 46368, or visit: http://reedersautoservices.com/