Help Me, Help You

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: May 10, 2010

There is a great scene in the Tom Cruise movie where he passionately tells Cuba Gooding Jr (I swear I am not talking about this clip because he has good in his name – that is just awesome good luck), to Help Me, Help You.

It is a funny and energetic scene from a good movie, whether or not you subsequently think Tom Cruise is a lunatic or not. He is as wired as we have ever been believing in the power of people working together to serve both of their interests. If both people are helping each other, who really cares which effort came first, and reminds us that we need to respond to the people that are trying to help us, since after all, They Are Trying To Help Us.

How can you Help Me, Help You?
What can I do, as the Publisher of,,, and, do to help you? We can however communicate like crazy about a person, cause, place, or thing that you care about that is good.

We can help people connect to your school, church, team, neighborhood, business, community organization, or new idea in a more engaging way than anyone out there through words, pictures, events, and stories. And we use the fastest means possible doing it with an online website, email newsletters, and the largest social networking communities serving these areas by a long shot.

The way we have been able to grow so crazy fast, is because we have people like You, telling other people like You, that something good exists and You should go check it out.

  • Suggesting to a friend on Facebook that they 'Like' {valpo}ValpoLife{/valpo} {portage}PortageLife{/portage}{laporte}LaPorteCountyLife{/laporte}{nwindiana}NWIndianaLife{/nwindiana} on Facebook
  • Connecting with us through one of our various other popular media
  • Talking to your pastor, coach, teacher, volunteer, or neighbor about how easy it is to contribute their own good news
  • Telling the shop that you go into that they should promote their business on the sites, or the company that you work for that they should support these good news sites
  • Basically letting folks know we are out there, we’re all about good, and that spreading Good is a Good thing.
  • Commenting on our articles and sharing your engaging thoughts

What can I do, to spread more good?
As you see in the movie, it is ok to recognize that we can help each other, and that what is good for you is good for me, and what is good for me is good for you.

So Help Me, Help You.


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