Handcrafted menu items at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille keep diners coming back for more

Handcrafted menu items at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille keep diners coming back for more
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: February 4, 2020

Almost everything diners can order at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille is made fresh in-house. No, really. Unlike a wide range of restaurants who whip together pre-cooked, frozen meals by heating them up for a few minutes, Industrial Revolution (IR) makes nearly every menu item (except for some gluten free options that require special preparation) fresh to order, daily.  

Were you to wander through the doors of the kitchen on any given morning like this reporter did, you’d find the staff hard at work prepping for the day’s orders. Industrial Revolution takes extra care to do the small tasks that go a long way for a meal, such as slicing fresh tomatoes every day, or chopping fresh lemons for iced water. The items that are especially prized, though, are their signature, one-of-a-kind menu items like their burgers and brick oven pizzas.

Several skilled prep cooks handcraft half-pound burger patties. Fresh ground beef mixed with IR’s signature seasoning make for a guaranteed savory taste. Hand-making each patty makes for an extra signature dining experience. A special batch of beef mixed with chopped bacon comes next on the list. Committed regular diners really enjoy IR’s bacon burgers, the prep team said.

Prep cook Monica Morgan worked in a steady pace, rolling and shaping dough for the pizzas. After mixing the ingredients and creating the dough, she measured portions of the dough and shaped them into perfect personal pizza sizes, ready to be fired in the brick oven. This is standard prep process at IR.

Morgan confessed IR’s fresh salads, which include house-made croutons, are her favorite menu items.

To have such a unique menu, a restaurant has to allow for some experimentation. Murray Williams, kitchen lead at IR for almost three years, especially appreciates his workplace for this quality. 

“I like working here because I get to try a lot of my own recipes,” he said. “I get to explore here, and some of my own personal favorite recipes have become special menu items.”

Williams said his favorite item so far has been his chicken-fried chicken dish, which other people have gotten pretty fond of, too.

Seeing Williams and the rest of the kitchen staff hard at work and loving it is part of what makes the Industrial Revolution dining experience so special, but customers rarely ever realize it.

“There are some awesome people behind the scenes here, getting these meals ready for diners,” Morgan said. “Everything is fresh, and that’s why people like us so much, really. People might not know that’s why, though.”

Consider yourself informed. Plan your next dining experience at Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille. To explore more one-of-a-kind menu items, prepared in-house daily, visit http://www.industrialrevolutioneatery.com/.