Guests Get a Great Show at a Great Theatre

The Keystone Light Friends of The BOB & TOM Show Comedy Tour made a stop in Valparaiso on Friday night at the Memorial Opera House for two special performances! This is among the many awesome shows that take place at the Opera House throughout the year.

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Kristi Lee of the The BOB & TOM Show was the hostess for the evening. She along with comedians Greg Hahn, Tim Bedore, and David Dyer made it an evening full of belly laughs and fun.

"Valparaiso is a lovely town. And this theatre is beautiful," Kristi Lee said, complimenting the Opera House.

Louann and Randy Lamb of Valparaiso came to see the show that night. Each one was excited to meet the performers and get some great entertainment.

"We love these guys," Louann said. "This is my first time to the theatre. I like how old fashioned it is. I listen to The BOB & TOM Show every morning on X-Rock and I love them. I can't believe I got to meet Tim Bedore!"

"I wanted to meet Kristi Lee," Randy said. "Everyone was very nice and we're looking forward to the show."

So things started off with Dyer. His dry sense of humor added to the hilarity of his comedy routine. Topics of a marital nature, his interesting balding pattern, and clothes that don't fit were discussed, making the audience roar with laughter. Bedore followed, talking about his daughter's use of the word "penguin" and the indecency of people who abuse four-way stops. He had everyone cracking up with his conversational tone and quick observational wit. The end of the trio was Hahn. And he's... well he's Greg Hahn. An accurate description of him would be: a tornado with a sense of humor. The audience was left bewildered and breathless from laughing so hard.

It was a packed house and that made the Memorial Opera House staff quite happy.

"Ever since the announcement was made that this show was coming our ticket sales have been very good," Andrew Brent, House Manager for the Memorial Opera House said. "We're delighted and honored to have the performers here. People got a lot of laughs and the turnout was excellent. We had guests came from all over to see the show so it's a great draw for us."

The show was amazing and everyone left happy and laughing. We hope that The Keystone Light Friends of The BOB & TOM Show Comedy Tour will make a return trip to Valparaiso soon!

A portion of the ticket sales were donated to the American Red Cross.