GreatNews.Life launches new female-focused podcast based on successful All About the Girls event

GreatNews.Life launches new female-focused podcast based on successful All About the Girls event

Six years ago, one woman’s dream to inspire other women came to life in the form of a now highly anticipated annual event called All About the Girls (AATG). The brainchild of host Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader for GreatNews.Life, AATG has united women of the Region in a quest for empowerment through real stories, from real women, heard in real-time.

With the concerns for this year in mind and a desire to reach more women, AATG has continued to adapt to the needs and safety of its audience by postponing the 2020 AATG annual in-person event. In lieu of the postponed event, Craig-Brown has devised and developed a new outlet to continue the tradition through the launch of: All About the Girls the podcast! This AATG’s podcast will feature fresh, new interviews with previous inspiring speakers.

“For me, the podcast is a way to serve an even larger audience and allow them to be influenced and inspired by the incredible women that are influencing the world every day,” Craig-Brown said. “I hope for this podcast to become a source of inspiration, motivation, and excitement for women worldwide.”

With each episode, host Jenny Craig-Brown will feature a prominent, uplifting woman. The speakers range from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, with each woman holding one definite trait in common: empowerment. Craig-Brown has worked hard to host women that strive to push other women forward in their journey.

“Every year I try to choose speakers who match the subject matter. Each woman I choose is someone I know has inspired and motivated me and many people around them,” Craig-Brown said. “I am lucky to know all the women who have participated over the years. They are so powerful, helpful, and encouraging, and I think these connections are priceless.”

As AATG has developed and evolved, so too has its audience. In just five years the event has grown from a crowd of 50 at Industrial Revolution Eatery & Grille in its inaugural year to a banquet hall filled with hundreds of eager listeners ready to hear the inspiring stories of hand-picked local rockstars. With this new development of the AATG podcast, the number of women that can experience the kinship and connection to other powerful woman around the world is now limitless.

“There is this sense of non-judgement at AATG,” Craig-Brown said. “We all feel fabulous, because we’ve collectively let go of focusing on our flaws and imperfections, and decided to support one another.”

The AATG event has held a special place in the hearts of many people and Craig-Brown has made sure to keep those people at the focus of this podcast. The AATG podcast will not only bring out the original and beloved aspects of the event within a new form, but it will also start new, innovative traditions for the AATG event, which is not going anywhere any time soon for Craig-Brown or the Region.

“As many know, All About the Girls is my baby,” Craig-Brown said. “It has been my passion project for six years now and I hope to continue it for many more.”

The first few episodes of the All About the Girls podcast featuring the first set of powerful speakers will be available for streaming on September 17. Be sure to stay tuned for the release of more heartfelt stories, personal testimonies, and endless inspiration!

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