Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Porter County Support Save-a-Cop Program

Portage-Chamber-Save-a-Cop-Program-2017The Save-A-Cop Program is supported by the Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Porter County. This program is seeking to provide kits to police officers in order to assist them if wounded. Each kit is $110 and many departments cannot afford that with their limited budgets.

Our Police Officers have become targets; they are among the hunted in the world we live in today. We have to do something to give them a fighting chance.

We are offering an 8 hour class for free to police officers in Indiana, on how to save their own lives or the life of their partner. We have 12 instructors willing to go and teach the life saving techniques, free of charge for the officers and the departments.

Here is what we know:
Of the 100% of preventable Police Officer shooting/stabbing deaths, 60 % were from extremity hemorrhage, 32% Sucking chest wound & 6% die from an airway issue. Most all that happens while the scene is too volatile for Fire & EMS to get in there to help save them. We must give them the quick knowledge and the tools to save themselves.

Here is what we need:
Each police officer needs a kit, they are about $110.00 each and contain the tools needed to save themselves. A tourniquet, chest seal, combat gauze, clot forming gauze and an airway, all in a bag that they can carry on them. Police departments can't afford medical equipment. Large police departments have too many police officers to buy for and small department budgets don't have any room to waiver. A small price to pay, to save a life of those who serve & protect.

What can you do?

  • You can sponsor a cop or a whole department; we are a 501 c 3 organization that can give you or your company a receipt for the donation.
  • You can direct buy the kits for us to give at the trainings
  • You can donate to the GoFundMe account we have started to help purchase these kits.

For More Information Contact the District 1 Hospital Emergency Planning Committee: Gary McKay Community Hospital 219-513-2580 office

Lori Postma Franciscan Heath Munster 219-712-0774 cell.