Gotta Love Portage Parks and Recreation!

Portage Parks (sound of breathing in). There really is so much to do at the parks in Portage. Imagination Glen Park where you can hike miles of trails, play virtually any type of sport, or hang out with your kids at the playground. Or go on over to the beautiful Lakefront and Riverwalk where you can catch some waves or just stand in awe of the glistening water and take in the relaxing atmosphere around you. Not to mention the many places where one can enjoy watching Little League baseball or catch some radical BMX Bikers at the BMX track.

Being from Valpo, I am aware of how many parks we have and how much there is to do at each of them, and there's a lot. But, when I headed over to Portage to catch an angle of what parks and recreation there is in Portage, I was amazed. You could literally be busy all week long doing something outside, being active in Portage. I talked with some Portage folks about what they thought about the Parks and Recreation here in Portage and this is what they had to say (all pictures shown are of people I spoke with).

Q: What do you really like here in Portage?

Howard Hoopingarner (Portage resident for 45 years): I like the parks for the kids. They have several parks around the area that the kids can go to.They're pretty safe. It's nice, they got the Waterfront and Riverwalk. They have the one over on Willowcreek (Woodland Park). My other grandkids go over there and play on the skateboards and bikes all the time.

Jordan Olson (Portage resident): What I really like about Portage is coming out and watching the Portage Little League games in the summer.

Dave Cannon (Portage resident): Yeah, they're trying to make things for kids to do at the parks.

Sharon Schmitt (Portage resident): I love coming to the weddings and receptions [in the parks]. I love going to the community concerts that they have. So, [the parks] have a lot of opportunities.

Bryce Tarne (Portage resident): That our [Little League] baseball teams are good. And they're pretty awesome. And, I got my first hit [in a Little League game].

Gertrude Josivoff (Portage resident): I just love the free concerts in the park, because they're very entertaining and very talented people performing. So, it's just something to look forward to.

Karen Deahan (Portage resident): The parks are great! They keep them pretty clean. We're definitely parks people. We also really like the bike trails. They're nice.

Doris Roush (Hobart resident who enjoys Portage): I live in Hobart, and I love Portage concerts, and I go to church here in Portage. So, everything I like is in Portage, but I'm in Hobart.

Well, there you have it from a bunch of satisfied Portage park-goers. Even people from other towns can't seem to get away from the fun and acitivities that Portage Parks and Recreation has to offer. Maybe I'll see some of you out there this summer. Because I know I'll be there.

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