Good People Support Good News: Thoughts from Those Most Connected to Life in Portage

By: Ideas in Motion Media Last Updated: January 4, 2013

Since the launch of in 2009, Ideas in Motion Media has provided comprehensive coverage of all of the positive happenings within the community. and have been launched, with plans of many Lives to come. We have been fortunate enough to interact with a large number of people that have different interests, backgrounds, jobs and lifestyles. However, there is one common thread among all of the individuals that we have met across Valparaiso, Portage and LaPorteCounty; they support good news.

Here are a few thoughts from prominent members of the communities that we cover that have been particularly vocal in their support of spotlighting positive people, places and events.

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“I love having the opportunity to read every day. I especially enjoy the Wednesday mid-week update so I can see what is going on in the city of Portage. Having a place where I can go to see good news only is very uplifting. There are so many good things going on in Portage and sometimes the bad is what’s spun negatively. Really, it’s not that way in Portage at all, there are many good things you can do, and is a way of celebrating all of those things.”

-Debra Dudek, PTS Director of Title and Special Student Programs

“I am very proud to be a part of Portage High School and also because there are many, many good things that go on every day at Portage High School with all of our students and the many programs that we offer. We are thrilled that we have a website, such as, that focuses on all of the great things that actually happen here at this school. There are enough negative things in the world, and this is one of those positive things that says my glass is more than half full rather than half empty. I am thrilled that does a fantastic job highlighting many of the positive things that go on at Portage High School. It makes you very, very proud to be a part of an organization that stresses all of the good things that we do here. Thank you and continue to be a positive influence on all of the lives at Portage High School.”

-Caren Swickard, PHS Principal

“I think one of the main focuses that PortageLife brings to Portage is not only the positive aspect, but bringing people together. As we go to our chamber meetings and our luncheons, we say, ‘Did you see PortageLife? Did you see the new thing they had on there today? Did you see the event they covered for us? From a director’s standpoint, I like the idea that they get involved with everything that we’re doing. They showcase it to the community and continue to ask what more can we do for you. To those kind of people trying to do what’s better for our chamber, our community and the citizens is a real dimension that this chamber has been lacking. PortageLife feels Portage is the best and they are trying to showcase that through the things that they do. The good things will overtake the bad as soon as we all hold hands, join PortageLife and make this the community that we all know it can be.

-Terry Hufford, Portage Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

“The reason I like to have in our community is that I look at it and I see positive news. There’s a lot of positive things going on in this city. We don’t need to concentrate on the negative things, there are a lot of positives and PortageLife is letting us know what those are.

-Ted Uzelac, Portage City Councilman

“I want to pass along my thanks and compliments to the site. It’s so positive, interesting and helpful. I’m a fan!”

-Danielle Ziulkowski, Director of Events and Publications at the Chesterton/Duneland Chamber of Commerce

"In times that almost always seem to be filled with bad and even worse news, it's been great to see Chris and his team focus on the positive. does a great job telling the stories through words, photos and videos. There is much to be said for a strong work ethic, led by Chris."

-Kevin Brinegar, President of Indiana Chamber of Commerce

“We recognized early on when ValpoLife launched that these guys knew what they were doing online to market area businesses, and the power of the positive message that they bring to the communities they serve. Porter County is fortunate to have and there to make sure the Good News gets out, and we are very pleased with our sponsorship that allows us to not only advertise to these fast growing networks serving Northwest Indiana, but to educate potential clients through articles, videos, and all the social network connections they help us make.”

-Ken Elwood, Rhame & Elwood

“I appreciate the casual grace by which PortageLife handles our content. I let them know a good story, tell them what I want linked, how much of the content I want posted and they do the rest. And then they email you to let you know it’s up and give you a link you can send to friends and family.”

-Nat Finn, Golden Technologies

“Porter Regional Hospital is proud to support the ‘Lives’- ValpoLife, PortageLife and most recently LaPorteCountyLife. By sharing positive news throughout Northwest Indiana, Ideas in Motion Media is enriching all of our lives and helping us to better appreciate our great community.”

-Jonathan Nalli, Porter Health Care System CEO

“I think that having a good news website is unbelievably wonderful. Nobody does that. The newspapers don’t do that. The television doesn’t do that. I think there is a huge need. People want to see the good things that happen. I’ve stopped watching the news because it’s just awful. I think if you just have things that are positive, that just has to give somebody a good feeling to know that there are good things. There are all kinds of good people. All these people that come in here are good people. More power to you; I think that’s great.”

-Bonnie Naperala, St. Mary’s Medical Central lab phlebotomist

“I wanted to commend you for the first annual Good Life Awards. I thought that was just an outstanding evening. Just all the way around, a remarkable turnout for the event and what a great concept, focusing on good news and good people. My hat is off to you. Keep up the good work.”

-Ed Charbonneau, Indiana State Senator

“I remember when I first stumbled across ValpoLife during my time at the NWI Small Business Development Center. It was such a fresh concept and needed community resource that I immediately started relying on Chris and his team to assist the SBDC with getting the word out on our services and workshops. I continue to rely on ValpoLife, PortageLife and LaPorteCountyLife for my clients as well as personally and I really can’t imagine the region without these key resources.”

-Lesly Baily, Small Business Development Center Marketing Consultant

“Thank you so very much for coming to our community and highlighting all that is positive in Portage. You truly are an asset to our community and I am grateful that you were willing to invest in Portage.”

-Olga Velazquez, former Portage Mayor

Are you convinced that Ideas in Motion Media’s concept of all positive websites is a good thing?

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