Global Day of Prayer

By: Julie Hayden Last Updated: May 18, 2010

Last Thursday began the annual celebration of Global Day of Prayer. global-day-of-prayer

Global Day of Prayer began 10 years ago on Pentecost Sunday in Cape Town, South Africa with just one area participating. The vision was to gather believers from all Christian churches to seek the Lord for their community, nation and world. The next year the gatherings spread throughout the nation. Then the continent. Soon, they invited the world to participate! In 2009 every country around the globe registered participation on the Global Day of Prayer.

This will be Portage's 5th year participating in the Global Day of Prayer. On Pentecost Sunday, May 23rd, the churches of Portage are coming together for a joint Service of Repentance at Portage High School West Auditorium at 3pm. This time of prayer will be led by various pastors from our community.

For the 10 days prior to this gathering (May 13-22), Christians will be gathering each night in local churches to pray and seek the Lord. A list of prayer gatherings is attached.

For more information on Global Day of Prayer, you can visit To see video about this day and photos from last year's Portage gathering, visit

Pastor Ken Miller, Portage Christian Fellowship, is the Portage coordinator. For more information, contact him at 763.3256.