Girl Power! Program Offered by Family Concern Counseling Center

By: Family Concern Counseling, Inc. Last Updated: April 26, 2011

Family-Concern-CounselingYoung women everywhere are facing many obstacles on the way to adulthood. Among these obstacles are bullying, low self-esteem, and poor body image. Girl Power! is a program that will focus on building young girls self-esteem and confidence. Throughout the weekend program we will discuss the tough issues girls face as they work to design a successful future. Young women are naturally smart, talented, and creative, but may need help understanding their self worth. Girl Power! will help young women to embrace their womanhood by examining positive messages about their bodies, set achievable goals for their future by helping them explore their dreams, and build positive relationships with other young women through active participation in group exercises.

The Girl Power! program will be hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of South Haven Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st from 10:00AM to 4:00PM (Lunch will be provided). It is open to girls in 6th through 8th grade. Girl Power! will be facilitated by Porter County Family Counseling Center. The cost to participants is $25.00, but scholarships are available. Each girl will get to keep a Girl Power! folder with empowering messages and exercises to help them continue to feel that they can pursue their goals and dreams. To register for the Girl Power! program or for more information please contact Rachel Niemi at 219-364-2732.