Getting the Most Out of LIFE – D. Cohn Communications

By: Ideas in Motion Media Last Updated: July 23, 2013

GetMost 600x400At Ideas in Motion Media, we go about the business of sharing good news online in a way that positively impacts the life of who we are communicating for. Through articles, photo galleries, videos, Partner Profiles, social media, email newsletters, mobile apps, and a variety of other mediums, we strive to share good news in every way we can.

We are supported by partners that use us to help them share their stories, and always are trying to make sure they get the most out of LIFE. They can tell you much better than we can about why and how they use LIFE. Darlene Cohn, owner of D. Cohn Communications, shares how she and her organization get the most of of LIFE:

D. Cohn Communications is a social marketing firm, and unlike more traditional marketing, social marketing is all about developing brand recognition and loyalty by telling good stories. We use social media, newsletters, blogs, and so on, to get behind the scenes of an organization and expose its personality. Social marketing allows us to show what makes an business unique. We don't just sell products or services. We sell names, faces, and voices.

The LIFE networks complement D. Cohn Communications' work beautifully. They take those stories and shout them through a Region-wide megaphone. They offer individual profile pages, event coverage, articles, professional photography, high-quality video, and most importantly, their support, to any of their Partners. They use the LIFE websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to spread the best stories far and wide. They're good people, accessible, smart, and talented. I am lucky to have several clients who also partner with the LIFE networks. Together, we can offer those clients a well-crafted, multifaceted, and far-reaching online presence to help them grow their business faster.