Getting the Most Out of LIFE – Blackbird Cafe

By: Ideas in Motion Media Last Updated: July 16, 2013

GetMost 600x400At Ideas in Motion Media, we go about the business of sharing good news online in a way that positively impacts the life of who we are communicating for. Through articles, photo galleries, videos, Partner Profiles, social media, email newsletters, mobile apps, and a variety of other mediums, we strive to share good news in every way we can.

We are supported by partners that use us to help them share their stories, and always are trying to make sure they get the most out of LIFE. They can tell you much better than we can about why and how they use LIFE. Mary Koselke, owner of Blackbird Cafe shares how she and her organization get the most of of LIFE:

Blackbird Cafe began working with ValpoLife 3 years ago. From the start of the relationship, we felt the site was a different, interesting way to reach potential customers. The ValpoLife team has built not just a good news site, but a place where people can share their stories. It matches very well with what we try to do at blackbird.

Through the business profiles page, we know we have a place where people can go to get the basics about us - menu, hours, mission, vision, etc. The biggest impact for blackbird, however, has been the stories, the videos and the articles that allow us to tell people what we do and why we do it directly.

Every time we have a new article or video on valpolife, we see an immediate bump in our in store sales and our facebook and twitter followers. We have made social and online marketing the main way we reach customers - valpolife has been a big part of that for us, and a noticeably affective use of our advertising dollars.