Get Ready to Laugh, NWI!

BOB-TOM-tour-2015The Keystone Light Friends of The BOB & TOM Show Comedy Tour is only a few days away. Comedians Tim Bedore, David Dyer, and Greg Hahn will be entertaining Northwest Indiana with their talents and the equally talented Kristi Lee will play hostess for the evening at Valparaiso’s Memorial Opera House.

“This is my second to last show for the tour. I’ve been hosting these shows for many years and I love meeting the affiliates and people that I don’t normally get to meet,” Kristi Lee said. “Meeting comedians in their arena is so much fun!”

Kristi Lee is an Indiana native, hailing from Indianapolis. Her lovely voice can be heard along with Chick McGee, Bob Kevoian, Tom Griswold in the mornings on The BOB & TOM Show, one of the highest rated and longest running radio programs in the US.

“I’ve never done a show [at the Memorial Opera House]. I’m very excited. We like to go places where people like the show. We love venues like the Memorial Opera House. It’s great for people to see shows at their local theatres.”

Tim Bedore, one of the headliners for the show, agrees. Bedore is from Wisconsin and a veteran of The BOB & TOM Show.

“You get to work in some beautiful old theatres. For any performer it’s a treat. It feels special,” Bedore said. “And at our show you can expect to laugh. Anyone who listens to The BOB & TOM Show won’t be surprised at our material. I talk about some quirky, odd, and different things.” Bedore shared his thoughts on what makes touring unique to him.

“It’s a lot of fun to work with comics that you know and like. If you’re on the club circuit you don’t get to work with other headliners. But on tour you do. There is always some sort of synergy and good vibes that happen and shows become better because of this. I always look forward to these shows. You’re going to see a number of ends of the comedy spectrum that night… Plus, we get a free deli platter and bottled water back stage.”

David Dyer is another comedian that will grace the Memorial Opera House stage on Friday. He’s also ready for the show.

“I’ve been on [The BOB & TOM Show] many times and Tom said he would love to get me on the tour. I wanted to be part of it and I knew guys who were part of it before and they loved it,” Dyer said. “[David] gets better and better each time I see him and he does a lot of in-studio hosting with us which is great,” Kristi Lee said of Dyer.

Dyer remembers coming to Valpo a few times in the past, but this will be his first time at the Memorial Opera House.

“I’ve been to Valpo a few times. I love the old theatres… They were meant for storytelling,” he said.

Dyer delves mostly in observational comedy. A married father of two girls, he often speaks of married life and fatherhood in fun and humorous light. He is one part of the very diverse group that will take the stage on the 27th. Dyer likes his comedic counterparts.

“People are going to love Kristi. She’s everything you want her to be. She’s funny, she’s cute, and she puts people at ease. And watching Greg’s act is like you’ve been on a treadmill for 30 minutes. You’ll be out of breath when he’s done. You can’t follow him. Greg is a great guy,” Dyer said. And Greg Hahn completes the ensemble. Hahn is a force of nature who’s humor can only be describes as (in his own words), “100% ridiculous!”

Like the rest of the group, he’s looking forward to the show in Valpo.

“You just can’t beat it. Everyone is a headliner. It’s like a big party. There’s nothing more fun that these BOB & TOM show tours. We all know Bob and Tom and we all know the radio show. It’s like a big family. These good Midwestern people are coming to see the show and it’s my job is to make them laugh and it’s a pleasure to do so. We’re going to goof off, we’re going to have fun,” Hahn said. Hahn considers Kristi Lee, Tim Bedore, and David Dyer good friends. And they aren’t the only one’s looking forward to a great show.

“We are very excited to have The Keystone Light Friends of The BOB & TOM Show Comedy Tour coming to the Opera House, it's certainly attracted a new audience as well as many of our long time patrons. I'm sure it will be a very enjoyable evening,” Scot MacDonald, Artistic Director for the Memorial Opera House said.

If you don’t get a chance to see the show, or you have time after the first show or before the second show, then you can come to The Keystone Light Friends of The BOB & TOM Show Comedy Tour After Party at Industrial Revolution Eatery and Grille in Valparaiso! It runs from 8pm to 10pm on March 27, 2015 so don’t miss your chance at some great food and a great time at a great restaurant! You can get your hands on a Swag Bag and other awesome prizes, and get riled up with KB and X-Rock 103.9 as they conduct a live broadcast from the after party!