Franciscan St. Anthony Health Honors Physicians on Feast of St. Luke

Franciscan-St-Anthony-Health-honors-physicians-on-Feast-of-St-Luke-01The Rev. Anthony Janik, Franciscan St. Anthony Health-Crown Point director of spiritual services, presided over an annual Feast of St. Luke mass in the hospital’s Corpus Christi Chapel Oct. 12 that honored the hospital’s 51 deceased physicians. Attendees prayed for those doctors, whose names were listed on a poster that was surrounded by lighted trees, and for those still in practice. John King, MD, recently retired hospital vice president of medical affairs, read a list of the deceaseds’ names, each of which was acknowledged by the ringing of a bell by Janik.

During his homily, Janik said the word of God explains that he authored the profession of medicine and provides physicians with healing power, wisdom and knowledge. He encouraged those on hand to pray for wisdom and asked God to fill them with blessings, hope and protection. Luke is the patron saint of physicians.