Franciscan Omni to Launch 6 Week Power Partner Challenge!

franciscan-omni-6-week-challengeNeed a little Motivation? Some friendly competition? Then Inspiration Fitness is the place to be for the next 6 weeks!! Their fabulous transformation challenge is back!

Angela Ramos of Inspiration Fitness, a semi-private and large group personal training studio located in Crown Point, is hosting their 6-Week Power Partner Challenge. “In 2014, we had the best transformation challenge ever with 90 competitors. Each team that has won since the spring of 2013 have walked away with $500 cash! Is it your turn?” says Coach Angela.

The 6 Week Power Partner Challenge will begin on Monday, October 13 and is open to any and all who are looking for a challenge or just need that push to get started toward a healthier body! “There’s just something about contests/challenges that really get folks motivated to do more and be more, faster that they would otherwise,” says Ramos.

You and your partner must be registered before October 8th to compete in the challenge. Call us at 219-779-0500 for more information.

“Our goal is two-fold,” explains Ramos, owner of Inspiration Fitness, running the 6 Week Power Partner Challenge event, “we want to help people get started on a healthy, fit lifestyle and we want to engage our local community in a fun way to get fit.”

“The community is really rising to the challenge – we have 15 teams registered already. I think that says a lot about our community and is a reflection of how much people appreciate the importance of being healthy,” says Ramos.