Franciscan Health PACE program maintains, protects seniors during pandemic

Franciscan Health PACE program maintains, protects seniors during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) – with its focus on keeping participants at home and in the community – are safer and more effective than nursing home care.

According to the National PACE Association (NPA), the rate of PACE residents that have died from COVID is one third lower than for nursing home residents. The rate of cases among PACE participants was also one third lower than nursing home residents.

Franciscan Senior Health & Wellness PACE is a community-based healthcare program created for adults age 55 and older and having chronic care needs. The PACE Center is located at 2150 Gettler Street, Suite 305 in Dyer. It was created as a way to provide area seniors, family members, caregivers and professional health care providers with flexibility to meet consumers’ health needs.

The PACE day center, which has been closed to patients since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, is where participants traditionally receive therapy, medical care and social services. In response to the pandemic, the center has demonstrated exceptional resiliency by transitioning to a service delivery model that support patients and their loved ones in their homes until normal operations can resume. This swiftly implemented and substantial adaptation has allowed patients to continue receiving high-level care throughout the pandemic and reduced the participants exposure to COVID-19.

Franciscan PACE has an interdisciplinary team of caregivers and specialists, led by Rajarajeswari Majety, MD, that will design individualized plans of care for each PACE participant. The team includes a registered nurse, social worker, dietitian, physical and occupational therapists, activity coordinator and others.

PACE provides all the care and the services covered by Medicare and Medicaid – as authorized by the team – as well as additionally medically necessary care and services not covered by Medicare and Medicaid. The coverage includes:

•           Prescription drugs

•           Physician care

•           Therapy

•           Transportation

•           Home care checkups

•           Hospital visits

•           Nursing home stays when necessary

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