Faye Giles: Committed sales consultant, lover of people, thankful optimist

Faye Giles: Committed sales consultant, lover of people, thankful optimist

Being a charismatic salesperson has always been part of Faye Giles’ personality. She has worked in sales for the majority of her adult life, which is why she decided to start her next chapter with Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM of Highland. 

Giles was contacted by the dealership after posting her resume on a networking site in 2014. Now, she is known as the longest tenured sales consultant at Thomas Dodge. 

“I try to make the whole process a fun, memorable experience for the customer,” she said.

Giles has stuck to that ever since she began working at the dealership. In addition to taking care of customers, Giles’ responsibilities as a senior automotive sales specialist include assisting new employees and learning more about the vehicles on the lot. Her favorite duty, though, is customer service.

“I love taking care of customers, listening to their needs, and servicing them to the best of my ability from start to finish,” she said.

Each of Giles’ previous customers are able to build a relationship that lasts far beyond the doors of the dealership.

“I have always told everyone, just because they purchase a vehicle, that is not the end of our relationship. It’s actually the beginning,” she said.

Along with the joy of working with a multitude of car buyers, Giles has also learned the importance of patience, since purchasing a car is a joint effort. 

“Everyone is not always ready to buy their car the first time they step foot in the store,” she said. “If they’re not ready, they’re not ready, but it always works out in the end.”

When it comes to her home life, Giles is the eldest of four. She was born in Mobile, Alabama and raised in Chicago, Illinois. 

“I’m what you could call a Midwest-Southerner,” she said.

Giles appreciates the time she spends with her family, especially her nieces and nephews, outside of the workplace. In her free time, Giles likes to read and write poetry, listen to an array of music and play cards. 

“I’m very competitive when it comes to cards,” she said. “So when you come to the table with me, you better bring it!” 

When it’s time for Giles to head back to Thomas Dodge for another day on the job, she falls in love with her profession as a senior automotive sales specialist even more. 

“I am both excited and grateful daily for each and every opportunity that I am allowed to potentially change someone’s life, from a first-time car buyer to a seasoned, professional buyer,” she said.

To learn more about Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Highland, visit https://www.thomascdj.com/