Eyes on the Future: Latest Developments at the Portage YMCA

Eyes on the Future: Latest Developments at the Portage YMCA

The Portage Township YMCA Board of Directors is pleased to confirm that the Y’s Branch Manager, Cassie Cayetano, has accepted some additional responsibilities relating to the day-to-day operations of the Portage location. Amber Alexander resigned her position as the CEO as of August 9, 2017, for personal reasons.

The Board will soon initiate a search for a qualified individual to assume the primary leadership role of the Portage branch. “The board is grateful for Amber’s contributions to the YMCA and wishes her the best in her future endeavors,” stated Andrea Starling, Board President. “While we seek out someone to fulfill the role of CEO of the Portage YMCA, the branch will continue to operate ‘business as usual,’” Starling continued.

“The Board is wholly confident of Cassie’s ability to oversee the operations of the Portage YMCA during this transition,” assured Starling. Cayetano has been employed with the Portage Y for nearly 10 years and is known at the branch for her dependable management and her support of the Y’s mission.

This summer, the Board of Directors began to examine the Portage Y’s operational and organizational structure to streamline building operations and staff responsibilities. “Like most non-profit organizations, we want to allocate our donors’ contributions as wisely and advantageously as possible. Implementing long-term, cost-saving measures will better align the Portage Y’s mission with its strategic roadmap,” commented Shannon Burhans, Board Member.

Specifically, the Portage branch is invested in developing the branch’s membership, simplifying building operations, and creating innovative fundraising initiatives to fuel the organization’s impact in the community.

The changes the Portage Y is committed to making have the board members excited for the future. “We know that with the support of the national YMCA of the USA, the commitment of the board, and the encouragement and contributions of the community, the Portage YMCA will become stronger than ever,” affirmed Burhans.

August 26, 2017, will mark the Portage YMCA’s 40th anniversary, and the branch will be celebrating with a “Birthday Bash.” This event will feature live music, a photo booth, games, giveaways, and fitness classes. The Board invites the surrounding community to celebrate the impact of the Portage YMCA over the past 40 years by visiting the Y on August 26 to participate in the fun from 12-6pm.

“Our anniversary gives us opportunity to reflect on our past and present impact on the community. We look forward to hearing from our members and the community as we move toward an even brighter future for the Portage Y,” remarked Starling.

To learn more about the Portage Township YMCA contact the branch directly, or visit its website: http://www.ymcaofportage.org/.

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