Ed Asner’s “A Man and His Prostate” Performance Benefits Memorial Opera House Foundation

Ed Asner’s “A Man and His Prostate” Performance Benefits Memorial Opera House Foundation
By: Taylor Irby Last Updated: May 4, 2017

Renowned performer Ed Asner visited Memorial Opera House on Thursday for a fundraiser to benefit the Memorial Opera House Foundation with his one-man show “A Man and His Prostate.”

Ed Asner is a celebrated television actor, with 16 EMMY Nominations, five Golden Globe Awards, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild to his name. He’s known for voicing Carl in UP and for his role on the Mary Tyler Moore show and as Santa in the movie Elf.

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The show was written by Ed Weinberger and it follows the events leading up to and during his hospital stay for prostate surgery. The show is both educational about the importance of prostate health, and - with Asner’s humor and delivery - incredibly funny.

In the show, Ed Asner dons a Hawaiian shirt and Khakis and delivers the story in a way that leaves audiences laughing hysterically about near renal failure. The house was full. The show as a huge success.

Memorial Opera House was so honored to be able to host Asner.

“We're excited to have him here!” Scot MacDonald, Director of the Memorial Opera House exclaimed. “It’s a hysterical show and it’s so much fun.”

Healthlinc and the Skillman Corporation underwrote the show, which was a benefit for the Memorial Opera House Foundation.

MacDonald said, “I think as a health PSA it's something that everyone can relate to. Everyone has a man in their life, and everyone knows a man that has gone through a health crisis at one point or another. This is a fun way to look at something so important to talk about.”

The Foundation looks to preserve and restore the Memorial Opera House, and the money from the show will help with that mission. The Foundation is glad to help continue serving the community by spotlighting the arts, history, and community.

Memorial Opera House looks forward to providing more non-season events throughout the year.

“We are always looking to bring in the best and the brightest names in entertainment because it's good for really getting our name out to the community while providing top notch entertainment to our audiences,” MacDonald said.

After the show, VIP ticket holders were able to meet Asner. He signed photos and took photos, and everyone had a really wonderful time.

Some other non-theatre season shows for this year include Primal Roots, where the South Shore Orchestra will explore powerful music hiding in a secret past, and Duo Sequenza, a guitar and vocal duo.

For more information about everything happening at the Memorial Opera House this year, visit http://www.memorialoperahouse.com/.