Deep Cuts: You’re Going to Love This

Deepcuts12Let’s talk about love.

As the great modern poet, Michael Franti, once said so profoundly: “It’s not about who you love, but do you love?”

That’s really the question right there: do you love? It doesn’t even have to be someone, it can be something - a passion, a craft, a sport, a movement - but whatever it is you love, I think we can all agree that life is better with love in it.

And I think we can also all agree that LIFE is better with (as the not-so-great poet but pretty good musician, David Guetta, once said) “just a little more love”. S o in honor of this love-laced weekend, I have dived deep into the Lake of LIFE and Love (pending trademark) to share four classic articles that are all about the love.

The time we met the man who does it all for a love of La Porte:

Matt Magnuson is the owner and GM of La Porte Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, but he is also a lifelong Slicer and La Porte resident who pours his passion into the town every single day. This story is a great read on why La Porte means so much to Matt and the Magnuson family.

When Lakeshore Paws brought the love of animals to the kids:

Lakeshore Paws is on a mission to bring the love of animals to the community of Valparaiso, and this story is the perfect example of that mission. Shoutout to Kyle for capturing the love perfectly in this story.

When Carly taught us that love makes the ride worthwhile:

LIFER Carly is the embodiment of LIFE. She lives it, she loves it, and she happens to be a very, very talented storyteller as well. So when we gave her a platform to tell whatever story she wanted in our Voices section, it was no surprise that she wrote about her love of, well, love.

When I learned car sales was for lovers:

We are fortunate here to have partnered with some very different and very unique car dealers in the area, and it just so happens that one of the most unique dealers probably anywhere in the country is right here in Northwest Indiana.

BoBB Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM has a couple of father/son duos working for them, but it is also home to one of the cutest couples around as well.

This is their story.

That’s it for this week’s Deep Cuts, I hope you lived, loved, and learned a little. Stay tuned next week for more digs into the Archive of Awesome (pending trademark). Deep Cuts, out.