Currie Motors Ford of Valpo supports ‘doing good’ around the Region, from animal rescues to youth athletics

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo supports ‘doing good’ around the Region, from animal rescues to youth athletics

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo has built a reputation as one of the most reputable car dealers in Indiana through years of quality service from friendly, experienced staff. Yet, those in and around the Region know the dealership’s name not just because of its day-to-day business but through its constant commitment to the community.

There are countless nonprofits, charitable events, noble causes, and community organizations doing critical work around Valparaiso and Northwest Indiana. Currie Motors Ford of Valpo strives to keep deep roots in the community by supporting as much of that work as it can. Supporting the community in which they live is the biggest part of their mission.

“The services we offer are for the community,” said Frank Herrera, General Manager of Currie Motors Ford of Valpo. “We are nothing without our community and we make it our number one priority to give back as much as we can to continue growing our community as much as possible.”

The dealership’s team works year-round to identify organizations and events around the Region that are championing essential missions and then finds ways to throw their support behind the effort.

“We sponsor several nonprofits and organizations that do good in the community,” said Herrera. “They just need to be local and work for a good cause. We encourage everyone to reach out to us for more info about sponsorships, we’re always looking for more ways to give back to the place we call home.”

Many of Currie Motors Ford of Valpo’s efforts are spearheaded by Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator, Shannon Evans. With her leadership, the dealership hosts a number of events throughout the year to raise funds for causes that strike the heart of the community.

“Each year, we host an event on Memorial Day weekend to raise money for the Folds of Honor Foundation,” Herrera said. “That organization helps our local students with scholarships and there’s nothing more important than the education of our students and younger generations.”

Folds of Honor provides life-changing scholarships to families of fallen or disabled military veterans and first responders. Every Memorial Day weekend, the dealer hosts one of the largest car shows in the area and donates all proceeds to Folds of Honor. More than over 110 cars attended last year’s event and this year is expected to be much more with Evans being the driving force behind this successful fundraising event.

“We recognize how much the parks groups do for the area and what a staple they truly are to the community,” Herrera said. “Because of this, we’re a platinum sponsor for Valpo Parks and the Parks Foundation, as well as Valparaiso Events who host several events free to the community. We also want to help out the area’s smaller events and groups, so each year we sponsor numerous golf outings, and events for local animal rescues such as Lakeshore PAWS, Guardians of the Green Mile, and so much more.”

Thanks to community support, Valpo Parks is able to organize programs such as the Challenger Baseball League, a baseball series for individuals ages 5-22 who are physically or intellectually impaired.

"Currie Motors is a leading partner with Valpo Parks supporting youth sports and the Valpo Parks Foundation," said Valpo Parks Executive Director John Seibert. "In addition, they champion Discovery Day Camp and Challenger Sports which promote accessibility for all children. Currie is not just a philanthropic leader with Valpo Parks, but does the same good work with many exceptional organizations and causes in our community. We are grateful to the leadership and the entire team at Currie for their support and friendship."

Currie Motors Ford of Valpo truly has their hands in the community by also supporting: the Valparaiso Police Department and its D.A.R.E Program and K-9 Program, the YMCA, Valparaiso Kiwanis, Hayes Charities, Boone Grove Athletics, and Valparaiso High School Athletics.

“To see the impact these organizations make is a great feeling,” Herrera said. “It makes our involvement that much more satisfying.”

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