Crisman Student to Utilize Technology to Bring Grandparents to the Classroom

Crisman-Ilija-KirovGrandparent’s Day is a much anticipated event by most elementary students. When grandparents can’t attend, the students are usually encouraged to bring another adult who is important to them.

Ilija Kirov has found a way to share this day with his grandparents even though they live in Macedonia. With the assistance of his laptop and Skype, his grandparents can meet his teacher and friends, see his classroom and school and participate in Grandparent’s Day activities.

Ilija, a third grader at Crisman Elementary School in Portage enjoys using this technology to stay close to his grandparents. He has visited them a couple of times since his family moved here when he was in Kindergarten and his grandfather recently visited him here.

His sister, Sanja, has also “brought her grandparents” through technology.

Ilija looks forward to introducing his teacher, Mrs. Hale, to his grandparents. They will also see how he spends his days. “I’m kind of sad and happy about Grandparent’s Day,” says Ilija. “I’m sad because they can’t really be here, but happy because I can still share this day with them.”

Ilija’s grandparents don’t have to be up early to visit either; when the morning activities are happening here, it’s late afternoon in Macedonia.