Comcast gives back to customers with its Xfinity Rewards program

Comcast gives back to customers with its Xfinity Rewards program

Comcast is showing its gratitude for its customers with its new Xfinity Rewards program. The program sees customers given exclusive rewards based on how long they’ve maintained their relationship with Comcast and Xfinity, with long-term customers being rewarded greatly.

The program divides customers into one of four tiers: silver for newer customers who have been with Xfinity for less than two years, gold for customers who have been with Xfinity for anywhere between two and seven years, platinum for customers who have continued supporting Xfinity for seven to 14 years, and diamond for those who have been around even longer.

Xfinity Rewards features a large variety of offers: $1 movie rentals, discount codes to partner websites, tickets to local sporting events, early access to games, sweepstakes entries, gift cards, and more. The rewards offered will be rotated for new offerings, so customers should check often to see what’s available.

What’s more, customers can redeem as many rewards as they want at any given time. Rewards do expire after some time and are often rotated out, so subscribers should be sure to take advantage of any rewards that catch their attention. Even if a subscriber has to leave Comcast and Xfinity before they think they can use a reward, they should still redeem it. Any rewards redeemed remain available after canceling, and the Rewards account itself stays active for 90 days in case a customer changes their mind. 

Currently, subscribers can pick up a variety of Halloween-themed perks. For people in search of a scare, the original “Scream” movie will be available through Halloween. Families hoping to enjoy some spooky fun can download a printable Halloween activity pack that includes jack-o’-lantern templates for easy carving. Movie buffs can get any On Demand $5.99 or less movie rental for just $1. The biggest reward, however, is a special discount on a family trip to Universal Parks & Resorts in Orlando, Florida. Several of these rewards are expected to cycle out in November, so now’s the time to pick them up before they’re gone.

Signing up for Rewards is as easy as clicking the join button at the rewards program website or through the Xfinity app. To be eligible, customers must be 18 years of age or older, be the primary user of the account, and be a current Xfinity TV, Internet, Home, or Voice subscriber. The program is completely free, meaning joining can only benefit customers.

People with multiple Xfinity accounts will be placed into a tier based on their longest-tenured account. This is the account they will have to use to access their rewards. Additionally, customers who have recently moved and reactivated their account within 90 days will maintain their tier status instead of having to start from silver.

Any Xfinity subscriber not enrolled in the program is missing out on fun, wallet-friendly rewards that let Comcast give back to its customers. The program is easy to sign up for, completely free, and even if a subscriber has to leave Comcast and Xfinity, any perks they’ve redeemed remain available to them. 

To learn more about Comcast’s no-risk, all-gain Xfinity Rewards program, visit the program’s FAQ here.

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