City of Whiting welcomes back Farmers Markets and Cruise Nights

City of Whiting welcomes back Farmers Markets and Cruise Nights

Summer in Whiting has officially begun. After a year of canceled events and socially-distanced community gatherings, Whiting is excited to bring back our weekly Farmers Market and monthly Cruise Nights, both beloved summer traditions in the city that showcase just what the area has to offer.

Beginning the first of May, the Whiting Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. thru October. Located in front of City Hall at 1443 119th Street, the market features all the best seasonal fresh produce, flowers, and plants in the Region.

“We are out there every Saturday, rain or shine,” said City of Whiting Event Coordinator Norb Dudzik.

For over 17 years, the Farmers Market has featured the produce, plants, and more unique items from the same local vendor Kal-Bro Farms. As the weather and seasons change, the market will offer different items throughout its duration. Until the end of June, Kal-Bro Farms will have an incredible assortment of plants and flowers perfect for any Whiting plant lovers.

“They offer hanging plants and flowers, potted flowers and plants if someone is looking to decorate their porch, and smaller plants for window boxes,” Dudzik said. “They will even have fresh herbs and tomato plants that will sell thru June, then our vendor will transition to selling seasonal produce.”

Equipped with their own greenhouse, Kal-Bro Farms is hard at work growing flowers over winter and offers one of the finest selections from May thru June.  There is a wide variety of seasonal produce offered at the Whiting Farmers Market from July through October. Seasonal produce includes but is not limited to a variety of tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and apples.  Watermelon, blueberries, and sweet corn are popular summer favorites.  Come fall pumpkins and decorative gourds are for sale.

Along with the plants, flowers, and produce, the Farmers Market has a wide variety of unique, delicious, and sought-after finds that truly make the market experience special.

“He also sells jams, jellies, and honey,” Dudzik said. “Every Saturday, we have these delicious nut rolls are available from St. Mary Church in Whiting for a donation.”

Yard ornaments will be featured at the market, as well. Handmade and completely beautiful, they’re a perfect addition to a garden or to a potted plant to brighten it up with a pop of color.

“They’re really beautiful and come in an array of bright and cheerful colors,” said City of Whiting Director of Events Mark Harbin. “Whatever your favorite design or color you have for a yard ornament, he will have it at some point in the season.”

The city welcomes guests from all over the area to the Farmers Market, making it the perfect chance for the Region to enjoy Whiting’s downtown and the recent renovations made to spruce it up.

“Last year, we had new sidewalks and new streets paved, and it’s beautiful now,” Dudzik said. “The road is done, the sidewalks are done, there are new garbage cans and recycling containers, new flowerpots and hanging baskets. They’ve completely revamped 119th street and it looks really nice.”

As you enjoy a day downtown this summer, maybe stopping at a local restaurant or bar for a bite to eat, make sure to work the monthly Cruise Nights into your night out, too. This equally-beloved Whiting event brings together car enthusiasts and classic cars from around the Region and Midwest.

“Last year would have been our eighteenth year hosting Cruise Nights, but we had to cancel it due to COVID-19,” Dudzik said. “So, this year is officially our eighteenth year offering this exciting event.”

From June to October, the Cruise Nights will take place every third Wednesday. This year, Cruise Nights will be hosted on June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, and October 20 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Over 200 classic cars and trucks from 1999 and older will line up along 119th Street, showing off their custom and vintage looks for local car enthusiasts to enjoy.

“We get cars from everywhere around the Region, from Crown Point to Portage, and cars from around the Midwest, too,” Dudzik said. “From the music to the restaurants and bars, along with this really tight-knit community of classic car lovers, it’s a great atmosphere to be in.”

“It’s a really well-attended event that brings together all the classic car enthusiasts,” Harbin said. “It’s a great place to show their car off and get to talk to other people who enjoy classic cars, as well.”

Registration is free and is run by Whiting Lions Club. Guests can enjoy music playing from the rooftop speakers throughout the downtown area, door prizes, and a 50/50 raffle as they check out each classic car along 119th Street.

From the Farmers Market to the Cruise Nights, this summer in Whiting will be a welcomed return to what makes this community special. For more information about Whiting events happening this summer, visit their website at