City of Portage’s Hyper-Reach system provides quick and effective emergency-response

City of Portage’s Hyper-Reach system provides quick and effective emergency-response

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice. If and when disaster strikes, a quick and efficient emergency-response system is vital for a city to notify and protect its citizens. For residents of the City of Portage, they can rest easy knowing they have access to Hyper-Reach, an easy-to-use emergency-response system that’s right at their fingertips.

Hyper-Reach allows for city officials to quickly deliver crucial information about emergencies and even important community alerts to all residents. By sending out alerts via text, phone call, or email, Hyper-Reach ensures that residents are quickly notified of any emergency in order to prepare and keep their families safe.

The system is simple to use, optional to sign up for, and is at no cost to residents. Simply sign up one of two ways: download the Hyper-Reach Anywhere app or visit the Portage, IN alert sign up page. When downloading the Hyper-Reach Anywhere app, which is available for both iPhones and Androids, it allows users to receive test-based alerts through the app itself, sending notifications to users wherever they are.

To sign up online at the City of Portage’s Hyper-Reach page, simply fill in the boxes with your address, name, if special accommodations are needed during an evacuation, and choose what kind of notifications you wish to receive and through which method alerts are delivered during enrollment. By entering your address, Hyper-Reach will send you notifications of emergencies and announcements happening specifically in your area. For all community and emergency alerts, Hyper-Reach will automatically contact all landline and cell numbers; however, the system will only call landlines and cell numbers for weather alerts if you sign up to received them.

Hyper-Reach is an accommodating system, featuring a variety of ways to be contacted based on your needs. For those who are hard-of-hearing or deaf, Hyper-Reach offers TTY/TDD alerts through text and email, while Spanish-speaking individuals can receive their alerts in their preferred language. You can also text “Alerts” to the City of Portage’s Hyper-Reach sign up number and fill out a form there.

Have an Amazon Alexa device in your home? You can receive text and picture components of the alerts that are delivered to the Alexa app when an alert comes in. When an alert does come in, a circular yellow safety light will display on the Alexa device, informing them to check their phones or email for the alert. 

Sign up for Hyper-Reach today and protect you and your family for when an emergency happens in your community. You can sign up online at, text “Alerts” to (219) 203-1861, or download the Hyper-Reach Anywhere app today.