City of Portage Community Spotlight: Woodland Park Dog Park

City of Portage Community Spotlight: Woodland Park Dog Park

Each Sunday we will feature a project going on within the city, happenings within a department or someone who works hard to provide services to the community. This week the Woodland Park Dog Park is featured.

Spring has sprung and it's not only two-legged creatures that are itching to get out, run around and enjoy the warming temperatures and sunshine. Our canine friends love to get out and about as well and there's no better place for them to run and have fun than the Woodland Park Dog Park located on the southeast side of Woodland Park, 2100 Willowcreek Road.

The park, which contains several obstacles and activities for our fur babies to enjoy, is open from sunrise to sunset each day. The park is divided into areas for small dogs (about 35 pounds or less) and for large dogs (more than 35 pounds).

The park is maintained by the Portage Parks and Recreation Department.

There are some rules regarding the use of the park.

Every dog must display current dog tags and have current vaccinations. Animal control and parks personnel routinely check these tags.

You may only bring two dogs to the park at the time and remain inside of the enclosure with them. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed at the park unless accompanied by an adult.

All dogs must remain on their leashes until safely inside the park. All dogs must respond to voice commands. If they do no respond to voice commands, they must stay on their leashes while inside of the park.

Aggressive dogs are not allowed and once a dog shows aggression towards another dog within the park, must be removed immediately.

Choke, spike and prong or pinch collars are strictly prohibited inside the park.

No food, human or dog, is allowed inside the park. Training treats are permitted. No smoking, alcohol or drugs are allowed at the park.

No dog toys are allowed at the park.

Owners must clean up their dogs' feces using provided plastic bags and placed in provided receptacles.

Owners must wear shoes at all times. No one is allowed barefoot within the park.

Do not bring your dog if it has any contagious disease.

Owners are responsible for any damage or injury caused by their dog.

No female dogs in heat are allowed in the park.

We ask that all dog park users abide by the rules to make the experience of using the park safe and pleasant for both our doggie friends and their owners.

For more information on the dog park, call the parks department at 219-762-1675 or visit its Facebook page at