CHS Concert Bands Bring Home ISSMA Gold

By: Chesterton High School Last Updated: April 18, 2012

Chesterton-TrojansThe Chesterton High School Symphonic Band traveled to LaPorte High School this past Friday to compete in the Indiana State School Music Association’s (ISSMA) annual organizational concert event.

LaPorte High School was recently added to the list of schools hosting events like this around the state because there were so many bands, orchestras and choirs hoping to compete at Lowell High School (the originally scheduled site) that there simply was not enough time over the two-day competition for the judges to listen to all of the groups.

A secondary site was quickly negotiated and several groups were rescheduled for LaPorte instead of Lowell. On Saturday, April 14, the CHS Wind Ensemble then traveled to Lowell High School to take part in the ISSMA event offered there. Both groups were required to prepare and perform three selections for a panel of three adjudicators.

The members of the judging panel at such ISSMA events are charged with rating the performances of each ensemble using a detailed scoring process that breaks down into nine categories. Each of these nine categories are broken down still further into descriptors that help the judge become very detailed in his or her analysis of the performances. In addition to a written evaluation of the group’s performance, the bands and orchestras also receive taped commentary from each judge containing positive comments for high musical and technical achievement, as well as suggestions that will help the group to improve their musicianship in the future.

Both the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble received high marks that earned them Gold Superior ratings for their prepared selections. After each group finished their respective performance on stage, they were required to take part in the sight-reading portion of the competition. During this event, the bands are given a piece of music appropriate for their particular experience level, and they are asked to perform the piece for yet another judge who offers both a written and recorded evaluation of their preparation process, and their performance.

For most directors and their students, this part of the competition is the most nerve racking,” said CHS Director of Bands Michael Scheiber. During the preparation process, the directors and students are allowed to discuss the technical and music parts of the piece. They can even clap, sing, and snap their fingers through all of the rhythms in preparation, but they can’t play a note on their instruments until told to do so by the judge. “Once the preparation time is over, the group must play the piece straight through without stopping while the judge continues to evaluate. This process reveals our student’s personal self-confidence as well as their proficiency on their instrument, and it can certainly get a little exciting in the Sight-Reading room,” Scheiber added.

Both the Symphonic Band and the Wind Ensemble received Gold Superior ratings in the Sight-Reading event as well.

The Wind Ensembles stage performance included three selections: a lightning fast gallop called “Circus Days” that was written by the famous American composer Karl L. King. The group’s second selection was an aggressive and hauntingly modern piece entitled “Tryptich II” by Elliot Del Borgo. The band ended their concert with “Glaciers” by Scott Director, new composition depicting the changing faces and majesty of one of nature’s most powerful creations.

The CHS Symphonic Band opened their performance with Meditation and Festiva by Jared Spears. The group’s second piece was based on a Spiritual melody entitled “He’s Gone Away”, and closed with Robert W. Smith’s “Into the Storm.”

Members of the CHS Symphonic Band include Michael Acosta, Andrew Allmon, Bo Baker-Kemp, Bennett Baughman, Zach Bozanic Hannah Brown, Kristina Carr, Turner Cash, Taylor Clark, Abigail Curdes, Nick DeHenes, Jeff DeHenes, Ashley Dennis, Zack Dickinson, Justice Eiden, Patrick English, Justice Eiden, Autumn Friday, Alyssa Garriott, Arianna Hall, Matthew Hampton, Zachary Hehr, Hannah Hoffmann, Alex Hughes, Nathanael Jones, Michael Joseph, Olivia Kaiser, Allison Keator, Henry Keller, Mikayla Larson, Michael Lipinski, Cassi Mardis, Madison McCarthy, Panayioti Panayi, Sophia Pizzi, Jon Rensberger, Greg Sirko, Samantha Stewart, Madison Thorne, Jaynellen Waelde, Sydney Walker, Taylor Witt, Lenik Zaranski.

Members of the CHS Wind Ensemble include Andrew Allmon, Kyle Barnes, Lucas Baughman, Kierstin Berry, Ellen Brewer, Grace Brewer, Kathryn Brewer, Brandon Burdine, Zach Cannon, Aliyah Caraballo, Taylor Cash, Jennifer Cedarstaff, Nick Cross, Jeff DeHenes, Zachary Dickinson, Patrick English, Seth Halpin, Alexandra Hanson, Rowan Holsen, Harley Howard, Alex Hughes, Lily Hull, Nathanael Jones, Eddie Kaczmarek, Xavier Loving, Bobby Maletta, Cassi Mardis, Hannah McCafferty, Erin McNicholas, Katelyn Merritt, Doug Moore, Jacob Mueller, Jordan Napier, Christian Orsborn, Mitchell Pearson, Frank Pejril, Thomas Pratt, Anna Reyes, Robert Rosenau, Hayley Sabol, Brent Sergent, Laura Stepanovich, Garrett Swanson, Donna Trowbridge, Logan Vermillion, Kaleigh Wilder.

Both the CHS Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble are under the direction of Michael Scheiber. For additional information about this or any music department event, please contact the CHS Music Department at 983-3730.