Center of Workforce Innovations teases 2018 State of the Workforce Report

Center of Workforce Innovations teases 2018 State of the Workforce Report

Talent is the core of the job market. For job seekers, everything comes down to how you market your skills, and for employers it is all about filling gaps and finding the right associate for the right position. On April 10, Northwest Indiana Workforce Board is releasing their 2018 State of the Workforce Report, where anyone from around the Region can find all the demographic data they need for self-improvement, business development, or educational refinement.

The State of the Workforce Report is a bi-annual publication that features demographics, industry growth, labor distribution, and wage data for Jasper, Lake, La Porte, Newton, Porter, Pulaski, and Starke counties. It also offers some key analysis about prospective areas for growth, trends to take advantage of, and talents that are critical for future success.

“We’re pulling out and highlighting key information related to the workforce that will help people plan for decisions that they are going to make,” said Linda Woloshansky, CEO at Center of Workforce Innovations. “It’s a way for them to leverage their talent, be that securing new talent or using existing skillsets to better position themselves in the marketplace.”

The report also is valuable to educators. Schools K-12 and post-secondary pull data from the report to help determine programs they should craft to assist their students in finding success in the job market.

“Reception to the report has been very positive, and not only as a source of demographic data,” Woloshansky said. “Organizations often come back after reading it to ask more specific questions. I know that the education community has used it extensively to seek grant opportunities because there’s enough in the report to best present a clear picture of Northwest Indiana’s workforce.”

For the average job seeker, much of the report’s value comes from pinpointing booming areas of the economy. That provides opportunities to train and retrain, and assists job seekers with marketing skills to prospective and current employers.

“For example, if students are involved in the Work Ethic Certification program, looking at this report makes it clear that being in that program is a clear differentiator when looking for work out of high school,” Woloshansky said. “It will show you how to gain some traction, and how you might move up the career ladder with an employer.”

According to Woloshansky, the 2018 report is one of the most important yet, and details some significant trends that are starting to shape the Region’s economic outlook.

“I don’t want to spoil too much ahead of the event, but one of the biggest things we’re going to be looking at is technology,” she said. “We’re going to be looking at ways that it’s a disruptor, but also a positive disruptor. It’s a hot button topic and we’re planning on making comments about that.”

Center of Workforce Innovations is unveiling the full report on April 10 from 7:45-10:30 a.m., at Avalon Manor. Check out to register for the event and to view previous State of the Workforce reports.