Celebrate great service; nominate someone for a R.O.S.E. Award

Celebrate great service; nominate someone for a R.O.S.E. Award

Go ahead. Shout them out. Praise them to the highest degree. Let those who have provided you with excellent service in Northwest Indiana know they’re simply the best! You know you want to. It just feels good for the soul.

The annual R.O.S.E. Awards, in which the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority (South Shore CVA) participates, stands for Recognition of Service Excellence and serves as the Region’s exclusive recognition program to praise individuals in the service industry for providing great service to visitors and Region citizens alike.

Think of it as your opportunity to give someone the service version of an Emmy – a nod that would be exceptionally welcome, especially considering all the challenges in the service industry lately. When you visit a hotel, restaurant, bank, gas station, retail outlet, or really any local business, look for those front-line or back-of-house staff who work hard to make your life easier, and then join the South Shore CVA in nominating them for a R.O.S.E. Award.

Nominations are still open, and awards will be given in some fashion at the end of the summer. You can access the nomination form here.

When making your nomination, be as specific as possible. Ask for nominees’ job titles, correct name spellings, business cards, and don’t be afraid to take service selfies and attach them to your nomination form!

The South Shore CVA also seeks to recognize front-line ambassadors in the industry sector with the R.I.S.E. Awards. The Recognition of Industry Success and Excellence awards recognize managerial employees or past R.O.S.E. winners who have risen above expectations when directly interacting with customers on a regular basis.

The South Shore CVA traditionally has recognized R.O.S.E. Award winners at a collective celebratory dinner, but due to safety concerns this year, they are re-evaluating that and may consider other options, including hosting the awards dinner later in the year.

For more information about the R.O.S.E. Awards, visit https://www.southshorecva.com/rose/.