Castle Subaru presents check to Hannah’s Hope

Castle Subaru presents check to Hannah’s Hope
By: Taylor Bundren Last Updated: June 27, 2019

Castle Subaru of Portage donated $22,650 to Hannah’s Hope on June 27th to support the non-profit’s heartwarming mission of helping children with special needs reach their full potential.

As part of Castle Subaru’s Share the Love program, they donate a portion from each vehicle sale to an organization that they want to support. Because of Hannah’s Hope’s amazing mission that helps children in the community, Castle Subaru has chosen them for the fourth year as their Share the Love organization.

“It’s actually very heartwarming. We are truly blessed to be linked up with [Castle Subaru],” said Mary Martinez, Co-Founder of Hannah’s Hope with her husband Mike Martinez. “They’ve been amazing supporters of our mission and we’ve used a lot of the funds to help build our playground. That was a huge goal for us and we saved for such a long time, so for them to continue to choose Hannah’s Hope as their hometown charity for the Share the Love event is very special. We feel very honored to be chosen by them when there are a lot of great charities in our area.”

“We’ve had a really good relationship for the past four years. We try to give back to the community in a bunch of different ways, and [Hannah’s Hope]…has made a very good difference,” said Mike Guistolisi, General Manager of Castle Subaru in Portage.

Hannah’s Hope was started in honor of Mary and Mike Martinez’s daughter Hannah, who was born with severe brain damage. Hannah inspired her parents and those around her to help other children with special needs in different ways.

“It’s all because of Hannah and what she inspired everyone to do,” Martinez said.

Castle Subaru’s past donations to Hannah’s Hope played a large role in making Hannah’s Hope Playground possible. Hannah’s Hope Playground is an all-inclusive playground where children of all abilities can have fun.

“I think this is great for the community. It’s good for us, but more importantly, it’s better for the kids,” Guistolisi said.

The money that Castle Subaru donated will help support children in the community in many different ways, including Hannah’s Hope’s Equipment Assistant Program. This program helps families purchase costly medical equipment for their children.

“It is phenomenal that they continue to choose us every year. The amount of money that we have been donated from them is just outstanding. We have a lot of use for it so we’re excited,” Vice President of Hannah’s Hope Megan Witherspoon-Minter said.

“Without the support that we get from our sponsors and the donors that come in, we just wouldn’t be able to do many things and help the families that we’re able to reach,” Joe Hall, Secretary on the Board for Hannah’s Hope, said.

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