Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana create fun twist on traditional golf outing

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana create fun twist on traditional golf outing
By: Kellyn Vale Last Updated: July 6, 2020

The uncertainties of COVID-19 have caused Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana to re-think their annual summer golf outing, but that didn’t stop the organization from giving this yearly event a unique new approach. In lieu of an in-person day on the course, local Boys & Girls Clubs have created Golf in a Box, a fun new twist on the traditional golf outing that will allow golfers to receive the full golf experience in one convenient package.

Golf in a box

“Each player will receive a box that includes everything they would receive at the actual golf outing, including a craft beer, snacks, tees and golf balls,” said Deb Koeppen, Donor Relations Manager at Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana. “Our leadership sponsorships and above will also receive a Nike golf shirt.”

Participants also will receive a certificate to golf at one of three local courses, Briar Ridge, Sand Creek, or Valparaiso Country Club. Players can then take their foursome and golf later in the year or whenever they feel it’s appropriate.

Colored golf box

“We feel very fortunate that all three courses are helping us with this,” Koeppen said. “We’re excited to be able to provide this experience for our golfers in a way that still allows them to be safe.”

The idea for Golf in a Box came to Koeppen after she attended one of the Boys & Girls Clubs webinars, hosted weekly throughout the pandemic.

“When we were off because of COVID we had a lot of educational opportunities afforded to us by our National Office,” Koeppen said. “During one of our weekly webinars we saw that one Club was doing a Gala in a Box where they sent participants a package with everything from the gala, including their program and a bottle of wine. I figured we could do something similar with our golf outing so people wouldn’t be going to a big event during these uncertain times. I pitched the idea and we took it and ran with it!”

With some local Clubs beginning to reopen with limited programming, Boys & Girls Club members are also getting involved with Golf in a Box.

Kids golf course

“At our Duneland, Portage, and Gary Clubs kids are designing three different physical golf courses on site. When golfers come to pick up their Golf in a Box package, they can take a look at what the kids created, and vote for the one they think is the best,” Koeppen said. “Our Clubs that can’t have physical courses also participated by designing virtual courses, which players will also vote on. All of the kids participating will receive a youth Golf in a Box, with snacks, a drink, and a shirt. The winning Clubs will receive an additional prize. This effort allows our members to showcase STEM concepts they learned at their Club.”

Golf in a Box will officially kicks-off on Monday, July 27, and while it might redefine what a golf outing can look like, the organization’s mission remains the same and strong as ever.

“This is going to support all the work we do to help kids realize their potential as responsible and caring citizens, and we sure need that now more than ever,” Koeppen said. “COVID hit our cause and our kids hard, and we had to adapt to continue to provide kids with what they need, from help with homework to member dinners, to our countless programs. All of this takes support, and Golf in the Box is just one way the community can help provide that support through the rest of the year.”

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