Billinero Savings App Awards $1,000 Drawing Prize to Monthly Winner

Billinero Savings App Awards $1,000 Drawing Prize to Monthly Winner

Billinero, an app-based savings account powered by Centier Bank, announced Hector Martinez of Cedar Lake, Ind., as its most recent monthly $1,000 winner.

Martinez said he began using Billinero several months ago specifically to start a savings account for his 5-year-old son, Giovanni. He said it’s been exciting to see how small deposits quickly add up in his Billinero account, and he’s going to use the prize money to build on the savings he’s already grown.

“I figured it was a really easy way to get ahead of the game and get saving for his future,” Martinez said. “I like the app because the money that goes into the account is out of sight, out of mind.”

Chris Campbell, Executive Vice President of Billinero, said parents who aren’t sure they can start a college fund can easily use Billinero as a spare account to save for their children’s future.

“As a parent, I know the importance of teaching good savings habits early on,” Campbell explained. “Managing finances and saving isn’t really something kids are learning about in school, so it’s up to us as parents to get the message across. A lot of parents have been using Billinero as savings accounts for their children, and I think it’s great!”

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