Berman’s Infiniti of Merrillville Holds Grand Opening

berman-infiniti-opening-oneMike Berman and his son Ross Berman recently opened an Infiniti dealership in Merrillville, and officially celebrated the milestone at Wednesday evening’s ribbon-cutting event.

Guests at the grand opening included members of the Crossroads Chamber of Commerce, customers who have purchased an Infiniti from the dealership since it opened its doors on September 6th, and anyone interested in the occasion from the community. The ceremony included food and beverages provided by Gamba Ristorante of Merrillville, live music, and a raffle drawing for two free Bulls tickets, two free Blackhawks tickets, an oil change or car detailing.

The Infiniti dealership was founded with goals that set it apart from your typical car dealership. “I am looking forward to holding networking events at this location; to use Infiniti as the glue to the community. Our Infiniti buyers come from a diverse platform, and given the chance to mingle and network with one another, I think we could develop great ideas,” said Jae Chang, General Manager, “It’s not all about selling cars.”

berman-infiniti-opening-twoThe Infiniti Dealership is off to a great start. Not only does it provide a high quality product, but it is also ranked top in the nation in customer satisfaction. This is quite impressive for a small-town dealership, the first Infiniti dealership in Northwest Indiana. The nearest Infiniti dealerships are found in downtown Chicago, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis. As Chang says, “We brought business, jobs, and tax dollars back to the community.”

Chang is correct in his statement, as the building that is now the Infiniti dealership had been vacant for four years. “Bringing the dealership to this part of the city enhanced its image,” said Sue Reed, President of Crossroads Chamber of Commerce. Also from the Chamber of Commerce, guest Vicki Smith said, “Having an Infiniti dealership here gives another option and variety to the community.”

berman-infiniti-opening-threeMarc Hernandez, an Infiniti technician, used to travel to the dealership in downtown Chicago to work. As a resident of Crown Point, it is a huge relief to have work closer to home now. “Infinitis are very well-engineered cars, so I enjoy working on them. And it is fantastic to work in this brand new facility,” said Hernandez.

The “engineering” of the new facility reflects the engineering of the cars it services: high quality, high performance, and attention to detail are distinguishing features. Paired with the goal to make car buying fun, customers are sure to continue to have an enjoyable experience at the new Infiniti dealership.


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