Baumanis shines a light on changing her career path

Baumanis shines a light on changing her career path

Marissa Baumanis will be the first to admit she has taken a somewhat sharp turn on her career path. The six-year ArcelorMittal employee traded her staff job in human resources for a shift manager’s position in operations. So, what motivated her to pursue this unusual career change? 

It was her work as a human resources generalist for the past five years that sparked her interest in operations. So, when a shift manager’s position at ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor’s galvanize line became available, she considered making a move. She saw this as an opportunity to seize control of her development and explore the diverse opportunities to learn, grow and progress in her steel career.  

“Having been a human resource generalist for our steel producing and hot mill operations, I found I really enjoyed being in the plant. I liked being out in the operations with employees and being close to the actual steelmaking process,” says Marissa. “I’d talk to employees about their work and it sounded very interesting to me.” 

After 10 months on the job, Marissa couldn’t be happier. She loves the work and learning all about the galvanizing process.  She has learned a great deal from her line crews and fellow shift managers. Although she had no prior experience in operations, this didn’t seem to faze Marissa that much – she wanted to learn all she could about not just how the line operates but also how it’s maintained.  

Marissa Baumanis has taken charge of her career path, changing from a staff position to shift manager at Burns Harbor’s galvanize line. As part of her new career, she also welcomed the opportunity to make a finished steel product that generates revenue for the company.

With a master’s degree in public affairs from Indiana University, she didn’t exactly have a technical background and was a little apprehensive regarding how the department would accept her.  

“I think everyone was a little unsure about me at first. I just wanted to be more involved with steel production and have a career in operations. I think after the crew and operation’s management saw me learning and caring about the operation, they realized my dedication to the work and welcomed me. I had a lot of good people watching out for me and assisting with my training.”  

While Marissa is still very much on a learning curve as a shift manager, she says she’s growing more comfortable with her job and is eager to learn all she can about the operation.  

 “I truly enjoy working with the crew and management. They are a big reason I enjoy coming to work – that, and not a single day is ever the same,” says Marissa. “I don’t miss sitting behind a desk anymore. I’m on my feet problem-solving all day. It’s amazing to me to think of what it takes to get a coil to this point in the process and finish it perfectly for our customers. To me, this is what’s exciting and I absolutely love being part of it.”