Ball: Fun Word of the Day

By: Chris Mahlmann Last Updated: April 25, 2011

ballsSo much can be said with one word sometimes, and today’s word is 'Ball', and it’s friend 'Balls'.

We use some form of the word so many times in our day to day discussions, and each way takes on its own meaning. Like most words in our language, it can be used in any number of ways, that help to convey an infinite number of ideas, with quite a wide ranging tone that comes with each of them.

Have a little fun with it, and count in your head how many times you use the word Ball or Balls, and think of the sayings below as you go throughout your day along with others that pop into your head. Mix them up, and see if any of the others might apply to the person or situation you are thinking of.

My guess is you can come up with a pretty interesting use of the word.

Come on, Get on the Ball.

The way the ball bounces
On the ball
Behind the 8 ball
Get the ball rolling
Balls to the wall
Juggling a lot of balls
Have a ball
The ball is in their court
Take your eye off the ball
Ball of fire
Be the ball
Take the ball and run with it
Another ball of wax
Play ball
Has a lot of balls
Ball and chain
Slime ball
Whole new ball game
Don’t drop the ball

Go ahead and add any of your own favorites below. Hope these jog the mind, and crack a smile, as we keep the ball rolling.