Back to School

By: Greater Portage Chamber of Commerce Last Updated: August 17, 2012

Portage-Chamberof-Commerce-August-Meeting-2012-3Summer is over, school registration is complete, principals are at work and teachers will be soon. One day, its Memorial Day with summer right around the corner, next thing you know it’s the middle of August with Labor Day right around the corner.

Remember that on August 22nd, most of the eight thousand five hundred students that attend Portage Schools will be walking, being bused or dare I say it – driving to their first day of the 2012-13 school year. The student you see walking, standing on a corner waiting for the bus or driving mom and dad’s car will be thinking about everything but safety.

While these young people are becoming more familiar with where they are headed, let’s be extra cautious while we are driving to where we are headed. No appointment, meeting, or even our job is a reason for an adult to put a child in harms way. While we are on the subject of being adults, maybe that phone call or text message could also wait till everyone is safely where they want to get to. There can’t be many things worse than hurting a child because we are in a hurry.